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  1. Definitely be ready for dry lips and skin, but that won't be too bad, just moisturize. Everyone's different, i got my break out in between days 9 and 16. But then things started to get better. Its not a quick fix, but the results are supposed to be good. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks. Ya, being patient is hard, especially because its never been my strong suit. But i'm staying positive because so far everything i've experienced has been normal. How is your treament going? Best of Luck
  3. I used to have mild acne but a few moths ago my face broke out in sever acne. I'm on 60mg a day. My doctor said it would take about a month to start seeing some positive progress, so I'm not too worried. I really can't wait to see results, I'm looking forward to start looking like myself again. Thanks, and Good luck to you too!
  4. I'm having one of those exact same days... I'm sixteen too and have been suffering from sever acne. My mom is the same way, I really hate when people look at me, cause my face has gotten so bad i don't even like to look at myself. I started accutane two weeks ago. And I know, I thought the waiting period was total crap too. All i wanted to do was start the medication. Since i started I'm breaking out even worse and i feel like shit, it gets kind of overwhelming sometimes. I miss the way i used
  5. I hadn't read that anywhere but the thought had crossed my mind ... I have cysts and nodules and started accutane two weeks ago. also started excersing again, running a couple miles a day, and I know i feel better about my skin after i run, but i don't think there has really been any improvements, but things take time, a couple weeks might not be long enough to tell... But i'm going to continue to run, i figure that even if it doesn't help with the acne its not a bad thing to do.
  6. I just started taking accutane two weeks ago and I'm getting a little frustrated because my face only seems to be getting worse. I'm wondering when i will begin to see some results. I'm tired of having to wear my hair down all the time to cover all the spots on my face.