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  1. keep in mind: the main focus for all these cosmetic lasers is the baby boomer market NOT acne scars. the baby boomers are the pensioners with money to spend, and they are a huge demographic number wise. therefore wrinkle reduction and sun damage will always be the number one focus.
  2. in my research vitamin D has been shown to have more to do with increasing sebum production than reducing it. although like all steroids it also plays a role in reducing inflammation of the skin . . .
  3. i had IPL and it caused hair loss. some has grown back but still very patchy. and the laser also made the acne MUCH worse. so bad i had to go on accutane.
  4. vitamin d is technically a steroid hormone not a vitamin. they never bothered to reclassify it like they did with "vitamin F" which is now called omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.
  5. switching fromdairy to soy was the best thing i did for my acne. however now im learning that soy milk can act as a synthetic estrogen because of the plant hormones. so i will be limiting soy to just my morning cereal.
  6. dr. mercola is an advocate of sunshine for vitamin D. he's on youtube and has his own website. lots of other good info from him too.
  7. dont use topical steroids like cloderm. they thin the skin and cause stretch marks. also cause a rebound eczema reaction when you go off them! only use over the counter 1 percent hydrocortisone. take tepid baths instead of hot showers. hot water and soap rob your skin of the oil and moisture which is already low during accutane treatment. try using mineral oil in the bath instead of soap. try a humidifier for your room. try sleeping naked. wear silk or polyester loose fitting clothing
  8. you should have gotten a psychiatrist to certify that you missed school due to mental/emotional reasons, not truancy. no fine
  9. cool . thanks for pics.