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  1. It's ass crazy. when I was looking in the old bathroom mirror i thought - yeah I'm almost clear!.....but When the new one was up with looks from the sides and a lighter light.. my reaction was HOLYFUCKINMADDA*****SH***** O.O my skin was rlly messy
  2. I'm Sorry to hear that..but you're not alone buddy.. Back in the days I was home a month from high school because of my **** acne and still.. when i feel a bit down i could preventing me from doing things. Right now I have breakouts because of my new medicine, Have not seen my friends in nearly two weeks... bad periods bad periods man
  3. I would be attractive and have more confidence without this shity acne... I workout on the gym 5-6 times/week my body is perfect..but my face is like pongo in the 101 dalmatines
  4. Right on my love toy ( my friggin dick ). After shaving i belive.. but goooosh i was in pain those days.
  5. Take your health at first , I am sure you are allowed to do some compromises?.
  6. Hey I am Kris. I have tried to kill my acne since 4 years ago..well my acne isn't gone yet and I'm a bit worried if the acne could turn into adult acne..I'm 19 now almost 20 and sure it fades away with my new medicine ''minocycline'' and cream Duac. but still.. when some acne is gone on some areas IT came on another ALL time (of course a smaller scale). Will it be like that forever? that's my deepest fear.. I don't know from what age adult acne begins but I don't want have this shit anymore.. es
  7. Hi sitting here middle in the night, It seems like my life sloowly slowly begin to be good again. I dont look soo horrible anymore, But i have like 4 - 5 big papules left.. it sounds much to you now i know, but before istarted with duac and tetralysal i had about 15 - 20, Can you guys just think what a diffrence this is too me at the same time i have lower self confidence. I guess it have to do with my red marks. Thank god i got a concealer wooh. anyways People have allways said that toothpas
  8. hey im back. It seems like Tetralysal antibiotic helping me atlast. And my friend ''Duac'' have begin to fight back on my outbreak from tetralysal, So i guess i look even betetr now from before, Beside all red marks after my acne, From now i put some aloevera on the scars area after aply duac. i am on the highroad to beat acne now..and well my scars will be defeated by IPL laser in september, lets pray i get highscore now in acne kill tomorrow // bye
  9. Hey did you guys have outbreaks the first week/weeks with antibiotic cycline? (Tetra/doxy/mino..etc) i take 300 mg Tetralysal Tetracykline right now and my face is just horrible! since a week ago i begun to take these pills. =(
  10. outbreaks outbreaks outbreaks... i am so damn angry on myself today beacause my acne anyways gotta add a new thing to my acne program ''Running 2 km everyday''. i have heard moviestars running everyday for perfect skin. Im out
  11. It's Midsummer today, a summer celebration in sweden.. i am hme caus my acne.. While the party people drinking the heads off themselvs doh ANYWAYS, my new medecine (tetralysal) gave me outbreak today, i look fuckin terrible : ( (of course in dayligt). its like my bathroom mirror are another dimension, only there im lookin good. Hope my duac will clear upp this mess over the night.. Todays acne program Morning Facewash: 2 splashes warm water. 40 sec massage cleanser. 2 splashes cold water 3
  12. hey.. i have heard Accutane / roaccutane causes depression, i am often very depressed.. do you think i should take this kind of medecine?.. gonna take a blood sample soon for roaccutane
  13. June 19 Hi it was some days ago.. I am soon on my 5th tube Duac now (started with duac 1th may), I see good changes on my acne.. But when it disappear somewhere on my face it plopp up on another area ALLWAYS, not soo much as before..but still..well however.. I have been on a visit too my scin doctor, told her my problem and she gave me ''Tetracycline / Teralysal'' over the summer. 3th semptemer i gotta do a blood stick sample too se if i can have roaccutane.. but i am worried over all side ef
  14. 13th June My acne seems to be a little bit better today, not so red as it was yesyerday. But in the morning after face cleansing my face hurt some. I have aplied tiny dots duac on the papules allready now for increased acne headhunt. I dont want this shit anymore. Even if my acne look much betetr than before it caus alot mental pain... i could have been one of the popular guys arround the girls BUT NOOT because of this shit acne, gonna nuke that bastards with Aloe vera and Duac later before bed