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  1. I started in October with the Regimen and enjoyed almost 100% clear skin until about April, when the weather started getting warmer. I'm noticing increased pimples, especially on my forehead and along my temples, where I get the most oiliness throughout the day. They're not whiteheads, just tiny little bumps that won't go away, no matter how dedicated I remain to all 3 steps of the program. I read online that in the summer, your skin amps up its sebum production, and I'm having a hard time reco
  2. It lightens the baby hairs around my face just a touch. No one can even tell except for me. If it matters, I'm Caucasian + a little Native American thrown in for spice...
  3. I've noticed the same thing with On The Spot. I'm currently using the Proactiv Gel with 2.5% BP which works well, but only because it was leftover from when I used the Proactiv system. I would recommend using the CSR gel from this website rather than On The Spot because I've read in other threads that people who have the same problem with OTS cure it with CSR gel. Good luck!
  4. I use a knock-off of Olay moisturizer with SPF 15, non comedogenic. I bought it at Wal Mart so it's Equate brand. On the bottle it says "Equate Beauty Lotion." Works really well for me, and doesn't leave my face shiny at all. Plus, it only cost $2 or $3.
  5. Hi! Sorry, this screen name is from 3 years ago when I was active on the boards and on Accutane. I just never bothered with editing it... but no, I'm not on Accutane. But the info you gave me was still helpful! Thanks.
  6. I use a finger-length of it, and as long as you moisturize it should be fine. Remember not to start out using a finger-length, though, or else your skin will freak out. When my supply runs out I'll order Dan's CSR gel because I hate On The Spot, but the Proactiv stuff's been working well so far.
  7. Awesome! Thanks. I had no idea those were noncomedogenic, or else I wouldn't have written an entire post about it
  8. I'm quite addicted to lip balm. I must use it before I go to bed at night, or else I find my lips dry and chapped when I wake up the next morning. I'm currently using Vaseline, which is probably migrating onto my skin (especially my chin) when I roll around on my pillow at night. I need a good non-comedogenic lip balm to use at night. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  9. Thank you! A question: bars tend not to work well for me. Does Purpose make another product suited for oily skin that does not come in bar form? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your quick response! A personalized consult? Sure, that would be great! I'm not sure what other information I have to give you, aside from pictures I could probably find. Also, are the levels of Vitamins A, E, C and Zinc found in those One-a-Day vitamins high enough to affect a change? Being a college student I'm short on extra cash, and buying a multivitamin rather than several bottles of regular ones will seriously help the budget. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! I was active in the boards about 2 years ago while I was on Accutane, but since I was clear for a while thereafter, I stopped visiting regularly. Well, it's been 2 years since I was on the 'Tane and my skin problems are back with a vengeance. I'm looking to avoid Accutane if I possibly can, because it wreaked havoc on my body the first time around and I really don't think the side effects will improve with the next round. To make a long story short, those meds made my body feel 90
  12. accutane16

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  13. Hey Tyler.. I've never used any of those products except Queen Helene's Mint Julep stuff. It actually works pretty good. It makes your pores a lot smaller and less noticeable. Hope that helped! -Whitney
  14. Some of you may remember me; I used to be a very active poster about 2 years ago. I was on Accutane then, but my skin cleared up for quite a while after I finished my treatment. Now, I'm experiencing problems again. I'm getting very small, very numerous pimples on my forehead and down the sides of my face. They aren't whiteheads; in fact, you can't even pop them. They're just these little bumps that don't itch, don't hurt, and don't pop-- anyone have any ideas as to why I may be getting them?