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  1. I've been on tazorac, clindoxyl and minocycline for 6 months. (mino for 12) and here are the results -huge whiteheads all over my chin are gone (thank god) -my back acne was gone about 3 months in... now it's back -i'm a red face. bright red. tomato like. -dry skin(no big deal) -blackheads all over nose never go away. -tiny whiteheads(very noticeable) all over my forehead. (a lot better then 6 months ago but still not to nice) so here's my question, do you think the accuta
  2. thats what i'm on... cept lower dosage of mino and i take clindoxyl in morning... get ready for a really red face!
  3. listen i've been on tazorac for 3 months now, and still have the slight little bumps but listen it's goin to better, i had like 3-5 pimples a week after 2 months and now now--three months in I only get 1-3 pimples a week and they clear quickly but if i have one bit of advice EAT HEALTHY! ever since i started eating oatmeal instead of frosted flakes etc. whole wheat bread as opposed to white. rice instead of pasta apples, ornages or grapes opposed to cookies and such, the change has been
  4. So last weekend my skin was lookin great, i went to bed early, woke up late, the red marks hardly showed and all my acne went away within the weekend. as soon as the week started, i was only gettting 6-7 hours of sleep compared to 10-12 and i broke out. i ask have any else of you noticed your skin better when you get more sleep?
  5. well i've been doi this for about a week now. and now! my skin is smoother and the red marls are going away very very very very quickly. cheers Maya
  6. since i'm on tazorac till my term says my skins good enough, cause it's getting better im not using BP anymore. I heard BP can bleach hair. so should i put a lot of BP in my hair so I can blech it to a lighter brown?
  7. wow i've done it just once, and my skin is smoother than it's ever been in a realy really long time, now for the damn red marks
  8. how bad was ur initial breakout? i've been on tazorac three months seen pretty good results but still not good enough, i think my derm put me on it so my initial breakout on accutane would be less, cause he said i should go on accutne cause i'm getting some signs of scarring so anyways, how bad was ur initial breakout?
  9. k good another bad thing taken away, i guess i'll try it then
  10. ya that's what i'm askign cause i heard, that it can cause impotence in men
  11. Hi Dan. Do you have a reduced libido and any sexual problems from taking accutane?
  12. haha, all you guys have the exact opposite as me, my forehead is always gross, but my cheeks are amazing, and i never get pimples on them they're like baby's ass, my chin jaw forehead are bad like my forehead, my nose is oily with heads. my cheeks are all i ahve going for me
  13. i've been megadosing on A. 30 000 IU, and wow, works wonders
  14. happened to me, it's normal, it'll go away
  15. i had a pretty bad initial breakout, nothing really bad, just like 10 tiny whiteheads on jaw line, two huge ones on chin, and huge on on forehead. now i'm lookin great though after a month. stick with it, it's a good medicin, does dry u up a bit though