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  1. I have taken spiro for hirsutism (hair). I was on 100 mgs a day. My ob/gyn dr. said it would take 3 months to see the hair decreasing. It did work, very slowly, but I experienced too many side effects. My dr. said that 100 mg was the minimum dose for hirsutism which doesn't respond quickly to any treatments. I think spiro is your best bet for facial hair- it just requires patience and you may need a higher dose depending on your body. Birth control pills may also be helpful.
  2. be careful with fasting. if you do have a yeast or bacteria imbalance you need nutrients to help your body fight it. depending on your body a fast could do more harm than good. your immune system could be weakened if you don't eat. I would try cutting way back on sugar and simple carbs and altering your diet in a healthy way- but still eating a normal amount of calories. I thought I had yeast overgrowth and I was diagnosed by my dr. with gut dysbiosis (imbalance of good and bad bacteria). Tests
  3. Nutrition is highly individual- that's why it's such a complex field. Every person's genetic and physical make-up determines their optimal diet. I know for me- my blood type (O+), and metabolism (fast oxidizer) make it absolutely necessary for me to eat meat and organs. I stick to grass-fed, organic meats and locally raised as much as possible. If I do not eat meats daily I become emaciated, weak, and my immune system weakens tremendously. Even two days without meat would be detrimental to my
  4. wheat/gluten- 24-48 hours corn- in a few hours I will notice inflammation and irritation in an area on my face- by 24 hours there is a bump- by 48 hours a cyst eggs and milk- hard to know exactly- Testing shows I am allergic to both. Both increase inflammation and milk causes yeast imbalance in my body. Definitely contributes to acne but I can't pinpoint it.
  5. I am severely allergic to eggs. They cause lots of inflammation in my body- not just acne- but terrible joint pain and overall fatigue. I use flax seeds or ener-g egg replacer in recipes. Try a rotation diet if you want to see what effect eggs have on you.
  6. I always soak them over night. I change the water once before I go to sleep. In the morning the skin slips right off and I eat them raw with my breakfast.
  7. For those women who are taking birth control- which pill do you take with spiro? I am starting spiro again after a year break and I don't think that my long time pill (orth tri-cyclen) is very helpful. I am wondering if a mono-phasic would be better.
  8. great thread. i wish i could get some raw milk but it's not sold in the city. the only milk i drink is organic whole milk which does not break me out. i avoid skim milk like the plague- which rules out ice cream. i like high fat puddings and custards.
  9. yum i love kale and spinach- both cooked. raw spinach does not agree with me and raw kale tastes too bitter for me. i prefer kale because i notice more health benefits when i eat it on the regular.
  10. lat summer i tried fish oil. carlson's fish oil made my face oilier- then i broke out. i won't touch the stuff now. i just stick to eating wild caught salmon.
  11. i'm not sure about the phyto-estrogens in the products but ezekiel bread breaks me out terribley. sprouted grain products are not for me. the bread is healthy so if your skin tolerates it i say eat up!
  12. hair follicles are affected by hormones (google FSH- follicle stimulating hormone) tri sprintec is a medication that adjusts hormones in your body. so bc pills may help with your follicle problem. i don't know if anyone- even a dr.- could tell you if you just have folliculitis or a combo of acne/follic. either way do what works for you.
  13. great post whiskers! I take a lot of the same supplements that you do and folow a gluten free diet. I see you mentioned in your sig that goat's milk gave you acne. does cow's milk do the same for you? i am fine with organic cow's milk but was thinking about trying goat's milk.
  14. Dairy contains lactose. Lactose is a sugar. To get digested, it's broken down to plain old glucose. YMMV on how much gets digested. yes i know all about lactose- i never said dairy was sugar-free. however, my skin doesn't mind lactose at all. my skin hates refined sugar (sucrose) which can be added to milk for ice cream or added to chocolate. my body can digest lactose just fine but chocolate often contains refined sugar -which messes my skin up.
  15. i find that my body likes to deal with one grain at a time/meal. ezekiel breads and kashi anything break me out. sprouted multi-grain breads may be healthy but my skin hates them. i love brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and basically any gluten free grain (but not oats or corn). i don't think i have a gluten intolerance per se but I see more inflammation when i eat gluten.