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  1. thankyou for your response ermm at the moment i am starting dans BP regimen to see if that will help since nothing else i have tried has worked. if anything, the only thing these creams and regimens and pills seem to do is make my skin worse i was thinkin of taking up piano lessons as we have a piano in our house but nobody uses it! so maybe it might take my mind off of my skin ... because even though i should try to feel confident about the way i am, that sort of thinking doesnt
  2. im at my wits end, i cant stand being me anymore, i hate every thing about me, im angry at everyone else and at god for making me the way i am, i hate everyday being a struggle, i hate feeling like the ugliest person in the room, i hate the way people judge me and i hate the fact everyone around me is so shallow n the people that supposedly care about me insult me and degrade me and humiliate me ive faced up to the facts ive got disqusting skin, and it seems like not matter how hard i try to m
  3. i wouldnt worry .. if he or she asks about it or makes a comment .. tell them straight up what it is all for and if theyre a decent person they will understand .. anyway .. theyre bound to have a funny habit .. who knows .. they might pick their nose! :S anyway .. i just want to ask you .. how old are you? like are you still in your towns? i just want know as you said you take spiro and that is a med that i want to try for my oily skin .. but im 15 so i dont know if i could as it messes
  4. the ones i know are awful! the stupid ones have a tendency to point out my spots and say stupid things like connect the dots and crap like that and it makes me so angry (yet its quite hurtful). and the guy you were dating at 17 sounds like a prize A prick. i really hope your right about it getting better as i get older, cause at the moment, any kind of romance just doesnt seem to be in the cards. thankyou for your post :]
  5. your post has really made my day :] its nice to know that there are non superficial people out there. confidence is a big thing, and i know i have to be more confident ( im pretty introverted) its just hard haha and you werent offensive at all! i know it may seem abit over the top saying "no patronising comments" .. but believe me .. ive had so many little patronising comments over the years about my age and my acne and it gets tiring hehe ... thankyou for responding, this has made me fe
  6. i bought the mint flavoured one because i couldnt find the original ANYWHERE ... do you think this will be ok? please reply ... im getting abit worried about it :S
  7. thats awful but you are good enough everyway! just think now that youve got rid of your acne and are single, so many girls are going to want to date you! hehe positive thinking ( i know thats hypocrital to say because im not exactly thinking positive ) .... well i know its not that simple, but atleast your skin has improved! im probably not helping, but instead of it being 1 step forward and ten steps back, think of it as ten steps forward and one step back :]
  8. thankyou for your post. whenever a guy looks at me i think hes looking at me cause of my acne and feeling sorry! its probably all in my mind ... but thats insecurity for you. haha it probably will be 100 when i finally meet someone :] haha teenage boys (most not all) are clueless! hehe ... keep weeding .. their will be a flower out there someday! (cheesy i know but i couldnt resist putting that hehe)
  9. at the moment im finally going to try dans regimen because everything else i have tried hasnt worked as has messed up my skin hopefully fingers crossed, it will help to clear atleast some of the acne up! ive looked at accutane, but the side effects are so severe, im going to try and exhaust every other possible option before even considering it! i feel your pain, acne does isolate you, and people cant be attracted to your personality at first because afterall, they are not even going to tal
  10. thankyou for being so understanding. even my close friends often judge me because of the way i feel, they laughed when i told them and said "quit being so desperate". That really hurt, it just made me feel like a loser. But i just want a guy who finds me attractive, acne included. Someone whos going to accept me for the way i look, and want to be in a relationship with me nonetheless. i am glad we can vent these things out, i feel better already for just letting it fold out .
  11. right before i even start this post .. i dont want anyone to judge me because of my age or my views on certain things (that has happened in many instances and it is becoming tiresome) this is the only place i feel i am not being judged so i am just going to put my heart on this post .. i feel extremely lonely ... and its not about friends or family ... i have an extremely loving family and have a few close friends who are always there for me in my time of need ... no ... i am very blessed in t
  12. i personally looking at the pictures think your really goodlooking! and to the poster ... there is a woman out there who will love you for everything you are .. the qualities that i can tell you possess just from your post like sensitivity, kindness and not being shallow will one day be what a woman you will meet is going to want. Not all girls are shallow ( though alot are) but there are always the few that will look straight past the exterior and see whats inside. I have friends who have f
  13. thankyou for writing .. that was extremely helpful im female ... and i was if you know if i could take it at my age? im 16 will it be ok? and thankyou again
  14. thankyou this has made me feel ten times better i have thought so many times about making an excuse so that i can go home ( period pain or stomach ache) but i know my education is too important .. go to school .. its really hard but i just have to ignore people and ignore every reflective surface in school hehe! its good to know im not the only one, and as soon as i do finish school i definitely will forget the pricks that make me feel like this!
  15. i know that my education is very important .. but it is also important to enjoy some aspect of school or you will just be miserable ... and at the moment i do feel miserable haha im glad school doesnt last forever ... it just seems like everyone is so immature and superficial and i just dont know how to have any self esteem when everyone around me is destroying it ... after all .. many people rely on other people to keep there self esteem afloat .. and im one of those people yes i do n
  16. you are very lucky i went to school ... it sucked lol my skin was unbelievably oily .. in PE someone even asked if i was sweating ( i wasnt ) ... huh i know i have to try not to let people or feelings get me down ... haha i do think a new attitude is in mind
  17. thank you it does make me feel better it is one big joke, when everybody is so false and shallow. I will try to keep that confidence but it is extremely difficult when everyone around you is bringing you down in some way or another.
  18. i start back at school tomorrow .. im dreading it, as soon as im back at school all these old emotions and feelings arise and i end up feeling depressed and suicidal. i always feel so ugly and disgusting in school, and i hate looking in the toilet mirrors as i just see myself as this gross ogre with disgusting red, spotty, oily skin. Whats worse is ive just started dans BP regimen and ive come out in horrible red rashes all over my face and i know that someone is going to point it out and make
  19. omg i know how you feel! i always feel ok at home or out with mates about my acne, but as soon as im in school i feel like a crap, and i think my skin is totally red and spotty and bumpy and greasy. i dont know why this is though?
  20. i know a guy who used to boast about his perfect skin, and make fun of my skin, saying stuff like "i dont have spots like you have" and all that, and now 2 years on, hes got worse acne than me! hehe i know its cruel to think like that, but damn, it makes me feel better!
  21. i am the same with that ... i dont feel that way about makeup but when i see a real pretty dress that i want i never buy it because i dont think im pretty enough to wear it .. so i usually wear ugly clothes that are too big for me
  22. how can you be single? your gorgeous hehe :wub: everyone is so goodlooking on here! haha! to be honest the people who have posted their pics on here, their skin looks amazing!
  23. you could probably obtain it online, but to be honest trying to obtain it over the internet is really dodgy. The site your ordering from may give you a different medication that looks like spiro, or they might mix the medication ..... i dont know if its illegal but it is pretty dodgy! you obtain it from the GP/Derm normally though. hope that helped hehe
  24. ha im exactly like that! basically i am totally obsessed ... i mean OBSESSED i check my reflection 30-40 times a day ... pick squeeze poke even jab at spots with a needle! and i have comedones ... which dont go away! i did differin for a long time but it only improved my skin mildly, and i tried dalacin T which i have to say was absolutely amazing for spots but not for oil or comedones. anyway, im back to being obsessed ha. i stopped going on here for a while cause i thought i woul