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  1. I've had it with this message board. I'm removing www.acne.org from my browser's list of links. Too many are entertained by BenKweller's childish antics, and mature, educated people are treated with ridicule and disdain. Furthermore, the moderators fail to enforce the rules. I have better things to do with my time, so I'm leaving this board to the adolescents.
  2. I say this in all sincerity: please do not poison yourselves. The maximun recommended dose of vitamin A is 5000 International Units. 500,000 IU is 100 times the maximum recommended dose. In another thread on this message board, I read about experiments done on monkeys by mad scientists, demonstrating the horrible effects of vitamin A toxicity. The monkeys died lingering, painful deaths. I think it would be better and safer to eat large quantities of foods rich in carotenes, such as broccoli and
  3. BenKweller, it's too late to go back to debating ideas, because you've already poisoned the air in which rational debate occurs, by issuing your pseudo-clever insults. It's isn't just me you've done this with. I've witnessed your personal attacks on others for several weeks now, and now you've met me head-on, and as you can see, I have zero tolerance for your ego games. You recently had an exchange with a very intelligent and knowledgeable poster who has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, in w
  4. I wrote: "If, after two weeks on a diet similar to the above, you do not have acne, then your assertion that there is no link between diet and acne will be credible." To clarify what I meant, if BenKweller, a young person susceptible to acne, were to go on a junk food binge for two weeks, without developing acne, that would be remarkable, and it would lend credibility to your assertion that there is no link between diet and acne, at least as it pertains to you.
  5. Doberwoman, Having a PhD in biomedical engineering, you're the only real "doctor" on this forum that I know of. It's obvious your knowledge and skills far exceed those of the petulant one -- we all know who he is -- who asserts there is no link between diet and acne, and who denigrates anyone whose opinion contradicts his dogmatic assertion. My challenge to eat donuts and gulp sodas all day was really directed at him, my way of saying put up or shut up. I respect your knowledge and intellect,
  6. Corvidae, It is well known that people who are not susceptible to acne can eat lots of sugary foods without getting acne. They may gain weight, become susceptible to diabetes, and develop atherosclerosis, but their skin will remain clear. However, among those who are susceptible to acne, there is abundant anecdotal evidence of a link between diet and acne. As a scientist, you can be expected to acknowledge the credibility of a statistical analysis conducted scientifically. If a hypothetical s
  7. Challenge withdrawn. I don't want anybody to kill himself or herself, just to make a point about diet and acne. I'll agree to stop asserting there is an unequivocal link between diet and acne, if others will stop asserting there is no link. I know for a fact that if my diet becomes skewed toward carbohydrates, especially high-sugar and high glycemic index carbohydrates, my now perfectly clear skin will develop a stubborn case of acne. I've learned that once it gets started, it tends to be persis
  8. I'm editing this post to say the following diet is NOT healthy, without making the highly CONTROVERSIAL claim that it may cause acne. Breakfast: jelly donuts, coffee with milk and sugar Mid-morning snack: Candy bar, 12-ounce can of non-diet soda Lunch: Burger with large fries, big gulp soda. Slice of French apple pie or cherry pie for dessert. Afternoon snack: Frosted cupcakes, tall glass of milk. Supper: Pizza, potato chips, can of non-diet soda. Dessert: Glazed donuts. Bedtime snack: Bo
  9. Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and skim milk. Walnuts. Cup of green tea. Lunch: Bowl of yellow corn meal, cooked as hot cereal, with skim milk. Granny Smith apple. One ounce of orange juice. Afternoon snack: Cashews. Glass of water with lime juice. Supper: Salmon chowder, containing potatoes, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, Alaska pink salmon, garlic, olive oil, tomato paste, sea salt, spices, water. Dessert: banana Tomorrow's menu may include turkey chili with brown rice and beans.
  10. Shriek is right about bp. It's a strong oxidizer, so it kills bacteria, but it can also damage living skin cells. The way bp works, it penetrates down into the pores, where it reacts with water, releasing hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide kills p. acnes bacteria, but as I said, it can harm live skin cells. For that reason, I believe that while bp may be an effective short-term treatment for severe acne, it should not be used routinely as a long-term treatment. An interesting mechanism f
  11. Some observations on this tread. It is the most entertaining thread I have read on this board so far. The atmosphere contains 20% oxygen, 79% nitrogen, and the remaining 1% is carbon dioxide, argon, and trace gases. Melbourne Bloke is talking 22 to 27 degrees Celsius, and BenKweller is taking it to mean Fahrenheit. To clear up the confusion, here are the conversion formulas. Celsius = (Fahrenheit - 32) x 5/9 Fahrenheit = (9/5 x Celsius) + 32
  12. I recommend using nutritious, natural ingredients in your meals. Rather than give you specific, detailed recipes, I recommend you create your own, since everyone has their individual preferences. Here's a partial list of nutritious ingredients for meals and snacks: apples pears dates raisins oranges limes lime juice lemons lemon juice nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts) sunflower seeds carrots broccoli spinach cabbage potatoes yams tomatoes salmon turkey cheese eggs skim milk brown rice corn
  13. It has been my experience that the chlorine in pool water helps clear up acne. If you stay in the water for at least half an hour, and dunk your head frequently, your skin is going to be sanitized by the chlorine. Be sure to use a clean towel to dry off. It's best not to use a towel on your face. Just let it air dry.
  14. Bread with jam is high on carbohydrates but low in protein and fat. For a balanced breakfast, I like a scrambled egg sandwich. One scrambled egg, with bits of onion, between two slices of whole grain toast. Sometimes, I include one slice of cheese and one slice of lean turkey. YUM! If that doesn't satisfy my hunger, a bowl of oatmeal, in addition to the scrambled egg sandwich, makes it a balanced and satisfying breakfast. AFter eating all that, I'm ready to go out and conquer the world.
  15. Cashews are so incredibly nutritious, it must be the yogurt. Dairy products are known to cause acne. I eat tons of cashews, with no ill effects. Walnuts, too. I like to have fruit, such as apples, raisins, or dates, with nuts. The carbohydrates of fruit nicely balance the protein and fat in nuts. Meals should be well-balanced, and so should snacks.
  16. Halloween is another bad holiday for those afflicted by acne. I've actually taken leftover candy, removed it from the wrappers, and thrown it in the garbage. It's best to remove the temptation. I'd have to be pathetically desperate to retrieve unwrapped candy from the smelly, rotting garbage, so I don't. If you don't think you can resist retrieving candy from the garbage, chop it up into little pieces and flush it down the toilet. Just do it.
  17. Are you a doctor, or do you just play one on TV? One part of your post I am skeptical of is "It [hydrocortisone] also works by constricting the blood vessles in the face, which will help prevent lymph cells from attacking the acne bacterium and causing over-inflammation." It doesn't seem to me that it would be desirable to prevent lymph cells from attacking the acne bacterium. Even if it causes inflammation, that is Nature's way of eliminating the infection. My opinion on benzoyl peroxide is t
  18. I read recently that the maximum recommended dose is 5000 IU, which is also the RDA. The reason for that is, being oil soluble, vitamin A accumulates in the body, and it is toxic at high levels. The safest way to get vitamin A is by eating vegetables rich in carotenes, such as carrots, broccoli, yams, etc. Vegetables contain other carotenes, in addition to beta-carotene. The body only makes as much vitamin A as needed from carotenes, so there is no danger of overdose.