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  1. I'm 14 years old and had had a huge acne problem from about December 07 until about a month ago. I went to my doctor and he gave me Minocyclin (oral) and Clindoxyl Gel (Clindamycin+BP in a gel). I'm clear now, but I still have REALLY OILY SKIN, I look like I mirror sometimes, lol. I also have lots and lots of red and brown marks on my face (mostly forehead) and some depressed scars from old acne legions. My scars are mostly 3-5 months old. Anyway, I have heard that Aloe Vera gel is good for sc
  2. I use Clindoxyl Gel (clindamycin + BP) It works really really well! Ask your doctor for some! (if you wanna )
  3. I always thought I had really oil skin, and it wasn't until I went to sephora where I bought medimatte by cosmed that I realized I had combination. I do get really oily in the summer, but right now with the bp it's pretty normal. I would recommend you go to either a sephora or cosmedic counter and ask for an oil free oil control moisturizer. Pure focus by lancome is excellent. Clarins also has an excellent oil skin line. Good luck.
  4. I feel your pain :S I used to have that problem like crazy (14 yr old girl + pit stains at school = horrible day). But I tried Drysol, and it's amazing.. the only time I sweat is when I forget to apply it.. its great!
  5. Woah! That sounds exactly like me... I used to have moderate acne on my forhead (basically only on my forehead, some spots on chin & nose occasionally). Then, I used Clindoxyl Gel (Clindamycin + BP). I get the occasional papule or pustule, and some whiteheads every few days, but they go away in 1-2 days when I apply the Clindoxyl. (Interesting, because your medication had Clindamycin in it, too... hmmm..) I don't itch either, and have really oily skin. I've got these strange red bumps and
  6. No, I don't wear makeup.. I'm too scared to make my acne come back.. But I guess maybe I should try it, I'll talk to my mom. Erm, what exactly do you mean by oil blotting papers, and where can you buy them? Are they something you just carry with you & wipe the oil off ever few hours? Also, I wondered about hormone pills .. maybe I just have overactive hormone glands (or whatever they're called:P)?
  7. I'm 14, and I have really really shiny skin... it's so embarrassing at school, with all the bright lights! Ugh! My acne has almost cleared (under-skin acne is still a prob. though). I don't wanna clog my pores or anything, so I thought it might be better to fix the problem from the inside out... idk... Help??
  8. I've basically cleared my acne with Clindoxyl Gel (still get some under-the-skin acne, though). Buuutt... I have really, really, really oily skin, especially on my cheek bones, forehead, and chin. My mom says its hormones or something but I've never seen anyone my age (14) with skin this oily. What I do now is put Clearasil on it... it makes it look more dull for like an hour then I sweat it off. Plus, it aggravates my acne, but I'm desperate to get rid of the shine. Anyone know of something to
  9. Update: I changed how I apply the Clindoxyl and my skin is almost clear (a few small whiteheads here and there on my forehead... but nothing serious) !!! However, my skin is still terribly shiny/oily :( Anyway I still can't find a moisturizer, scrub, or cleanser...... :/ As I said before any suggestions/opinions would be awesome! Thanks