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  1. ahhhhh, so thats wat all those commercials are about
  2. yes i just read that article, i think i am going to try that instead, BP twice a day on my skin makes it look like the desert oh and i rub off the dead skin in the shower, cant get all of it but i can get most off and the skin underneath is really clear and smooth, like a babys butt
  3. oh im sorry i forgot about that. i read some articles on accutane and there are some serious side effects to it, as for other products i've read alot of anti-bodies n such and don't ever recall anything that effects your natural immune system. some1 correct me if im wrong
  4. oo you can look at this, sounds pretty nifty http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=25495
  5. whats an exfoliant? right now the only cleanser im using is the cetaphil one recommended on Dans' site.
  6. oooo, my face is clear, jus my jawline has some, and the current regimem seems to be drying my skin too much as well. does anyone have any recommendatiosn on what type of SA, GA and mositurizer i can use? currently im using the neutrogena sp 15 one, works fine jus once its absorbed u look like a walking oil pan
  7. i tried proactive but it didnt really work at all. maybe because i didnt know how to follow the instructiosn exactly, im pretty clueless when it comes to skin care, like before i would rub really hard when putting on acne medication
  8. not tanning from the sun. it seems like when I have the bp gel on or the moisturizer or a combination of both I look like I have a tan. but when I wash it off i think it goes away, I can't really tell but other ppl keep asking me about it as far as the dryness goes, its really bad, recently i was able to jus rub off the dead skin in the shower, skin beneath looks clear and nice but i dont think thats normal? either way my skin everywhere is acne free except for around the jawlin. theres some
  9. ya! i got a few of those along the jaw line too that keep comming back. although i have a bad habbit of touching my face around that area alot. makes me wish i can just get a spoon and scoup them out guess I will try popping them too hehe
  10. Hi. I just started this about 2 weeks ago. I see a real improvement but it seems like I am getting a real bad tan, not sure if this is with the BP gel on only or not. Also my skin is extremely dry, I have to use tons of mositurizer but then I look like im sweating all the time Does anyone know if the tanning goes away or is permanent? And what abou the dry skin? I use the neutrogena moisturizer and I don't put much BP gel on. any info would be helpful, thanks in advance
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    oops wrong forum hehe