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  1. Hi I read somewhere that Alpha lipoic Acid supplements help preventing new scars:Do you think its true??
  2. Thanks a lot for the replies:) I think I'll have a 12,5% peel first on one or two scars and see what will happen... I've read on the board some people say improvement are just temporary and will not last...is it true?It would be very frustrating...
  3. Could you please help me too?I'd like to know if TCA spot treatment can be done without using the cross method,I have some shallow scars and I'm going to trat them with 12% TCA but not cross,they are too shallow...
  4. I have minor scars,not deep but a lot of them,do you think TCA peels would help?I'm planning to buy 12% or 20% TCA.I've used glycolic and salycilic peels with no success... I tought I could put TCA just on the areas where scars are (upper cheeks).Some people say shallow scars can be totally be smoothed.It is true?
  5. What happened tp your post?Was it deleted??
  6. They're kidding,right??The pics on epiderm.net are heavily retouched!
  7. Itout tea tree oil act the same way as BP...Do you think ice is useful?
  8. Hi I'd like to know how I can prevent that a pimple leave a scar.I sometimes get cysts sometimes very big ones,and they often leave a scar,some of them very deep scars.What can I use to prevent this?I try to heal the cyst as fast as possible,I apply ice to reduce inflammation,salycilic acid peels,retin-A or BP.I sometrimes apply CP serum,they say it can heal faster and prevent scars... What do you think?