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  1. TexasLady, I had the same problem as you, usually my chin used to get very dry and scaly. I did use AHA (glycolic acid) at night before going to bed only around my mouth and chin and got rid of the dryness. Once the dryness stops, stop using it and just use your regular moisturizer. For my lips I used burts bees as well, but sometimes I used to forget putting it and my lips used t get extremely dry. Used neosporing ointment untill lips get back to normal, then back to burt bees and use it as muc
  2. WOW! Its been forever!! Since I started my accutane treatment 4 years ago, never came back. Well, I had to recover my password to log back in lol. I was put on 20mg a day, I took it for 6 months. Acne free with no side effects, besides the dry lips. Now, after 4 years, I did start to break out BUT not as bad as before of course. Small pimples that dry up fairly fast. I am now taking 2g a day of panthotenic acid and so far, so good. I might consider going into accutane at 10mg twice a week if t
  3. Hey there, im taking accutane and my face is not dry either, well now im getting a little bit dryer tho because that always happens to me on winter. But only in some parts of my face like around my mouth. Every month that i have to go see my dermatology, he always put me a mask on my face and every other month we do a microdermambrasion. I think you should try to put your mask on some parts of ur face and see how it goes, if u dont see a major dryness then feel free to use it all over your face.
  4. Hello there, before started taking accutane i had moderate acne, like the usual breakout plus a cyst here and there, but was so tired of always get rid of one cyst and another one poping up. Plus im 26 so every single cyst that i was getting, was leaving me scars. So i decided to go on accutane, best choice i have made. I am almost finishing my 3rth month and i am clear, no acne poping up finally, not even a little one. My only side effect, dry lips. I am taking 20mg a day and i will have to tak
  5. Hello Everyone, I have been taking accutane 20mg a day for almost 3 months now, im in love with accutane! my only side effect is my dry lips but nothing too serious. Now that winter is almost here my face is getting a little bit dryer, but i dont use a moisturizer so i guees i will have to start using one now on for winter. Well i have a question, i would like to know if you can take any protein shake or powder while on accutane? I mean i will try to pick one that doesnt have a vitamin A in ther
  6. im still having marks, not as bad, but i can clearly see them in the mirror u know. Prolly from far away u dont see them that clearly, but close enough u notice them, specially the ones that are very red. They are taking quite some time to heal tho, every month that i go to the derm i get a facial from him so maybe that is helping tho. But i wish i can be mark free, i will have no pimples or nothing, it sucks cuz when u are winning the battle againts acne, the red marks mess u up!
  7. Its working great for me too, but no dry body or face, im not even using a moisturizer. Just use my blistex cuz my lips are dry most of the time and some nose spary here and there.
  8. Nice! Ill start this monday, starting with not too much weight tho, then ill pump this muscles lol idk if its me but my muscle are getting bigger, very pump! idk if its the accutane or im gaining weight lol but i love it.
  9. Same Here, i have been takin accutane 20mg a day for a month and 4 days now, and i have to take it for 7 months. I only weight 120 tho haha crap sucks not being able to go to the gym anymore im afraid of going and mess up my bones. My acne is amazingly under control just hate the acne marks tho !!! i will be posting some pics soon, u will see no acne but lots of red marks
  10. I had my first nosebleed like 3 days ago, it stopped but then i picked at my nose and the bleeding came back again. Soooo watever u do, stop picking at ur nose and use a nose spray or vaseline, but dont pick at ur nose.
  11. Alright guys!!! thank you so much for your replies ok so an update of my accutane thingy, i havent pick my blackheads, they are too tiny to pick at them anyways. I have been taking showers daily and also exfoliating with a really good claeanser that the derm gave me, not so many blackheads anymore they come by itself like someone mentioned im happy. Anyways i got my first bloody nose yesterday, and i got really worry. Is it normal that my nose bleeds? or is it beacuse the drug is too much for
  12. OKay so i have been using accutane for about 3 weeks now and the pores in my nose are very noticiable now with some little black things in there its not as smooth is used to be wat the heck is happenig? is it normal? oh and by the way im still getting cystic acne what the heck, why accutane is not working ??? Im taking 20mg a day no side effects so far besides dry lips, why my lips are getting dry but not the acne ahhhhhhh help me hahaha i want to stop breaking out!!!
  13. Alright! thanks for all ur replys guys. Well here are the pics, i hope i will look better after accutane i hope i dont get that bad initial breakout!! i just swallowed my third pill today i know its just too soon but i will keep posting soon!!
  14. Hello Everyone, Well im gonna be taking Neotrex 20mg once a day for 7 months, i dont know if my derm will be increasing the dose after a month or so, anyways i have some questions for all of you that have took or are taking accutane, 1- My derm told me not to use any moisturizer, weird huh? well he gave this "Cell Regeneration Lotion" that he makes and told me just to use that. But, im guessing if i get really drie i will just use a moisturizer. Do you guys think its a must to use a moisturize
  15. Maybe Metrogel, it will get rid of all ur inflamation or redness on ur acne. Im also taking Bactrim DS. You can find a little info about metrogel here : http://www.metrogel.com/AboutMetro1/AboutMetro1.aspx