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  1. I was recently (not even two weeks ago) put on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for birth control (not for acne). I had FINALLY gotten my acne under control, and now I am starting to break out a little bit. It's not really bad yet, but I'm worried about it getting worse... especially since I'm getting married on August 2nd! :/ Is it common to have a purging process when starting this birth control? Or should I switch to a different kind? I guess I'm just wondering if I should risk staying with th
  2. So, I've searched for an answer to my question (I hate double posts), but haven't been able to find the exact question I’m asking. Here’s the deal, right now, I am taking 75mg of Spironolactone and also Finacea (topical). My skin is completely clear for the most part. My acne is hormonal, so I’ll occasionally get a breakout before my period, but other than that, I’m acne free. Which is amazing! But I am getting married at the beginning of August, and (believe it or not) I will be sexually
  3. I understand what you guys are saying about being bothered by people who think confidence is what makes you attractive even if you have acne. I can see where you're coming from, but I also think that there's something to having confidence that I think people might not have phrased correctly in other posts... It's not necessarily being outgoing, it's not being cocky, it's not being arrogant, not necessrily even confidence. It's more of acceptance and contentment. I am a very quiet person. I use
  4. I really think it's because to people who haven't had or don't have acne, it doesn't seem like something that's a very big problem. I've spoken with people who think that acne sufferers should "get over it" or they think that the people who care about their acne are vain. I think that someone needs to bring into the psychological and developmental effects of acne. Because acne occurs in the teen years (when the brain is developing in many areas including how to socially interact), acne can
  5. Hey! Just wanted to post my experience with Spiro to encourage you. I have been on it for almost 9 months, and now it is an anomaly if I get even one pimple! Which if it does happen, is usually because of my period... I have struggled with cystic acne for 10 years, and this is the ONLY thing that helped. Now I'm only fighting the scarring and pigmentation left over. I've posted some about my experience if you're interested. The thing I've noticed about Spiro is that it's a roller coaste
  6. I did have an initial breakout, and it seemed to mostly be along my jawline. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty bad... BUT there were no cysts, and it healed up within a week which I was not used to happening. That's something that I've noticed after starting on Spiro as I was healing- my breakouts healed much faster, and those breakouts were mostly just small whiteheads. Also, just a heads up... if you increase the dosage later, you will most likely have some kind of breakout (no where NEAR as ba
  7. I actually did some research, and you CAN be on Spiro while on birth control. But you can't be on Spiro when you're pregnant... so that was my mistake. In fact, some doctors require you to be on birth control if you are Spiro. I have heard that Sprio is called a "less harsh" version of Accutane. I don't really know why it's called that though unless they are simply referring to the side effects. Spiro and Accutane work for completely different reasons. Those reasons are exactly why I chose Spi
  8. Glad to help! Your body won't ever adjust to Spiro and stop working in the way it could to antibiotics. The only way that it would maybe not do what it was supposed to, would be if you have changes in your hormone levels NOT because of the medicine. Sprio works with the hormone levels that your body has naturally, and if those "baseline" hormone levels change, that could mess up the balance you have with the medication. Does that make sense? I might have been a little confusing... Also, if you
  9. Try putting a little bit of Tea Tree Oil on before going to bed (probably not every night because it's very drying). I love that stuff! Shrinks your pores and kills bacteria. If you haven't used it before, it's very strong smelling (I kinda like the smell now though). But as soon as it dries, the smell goes away. You can buy it at any health food store (like Earth Fare) and most pharmacies (it will be in the vitamin section).
  10. Hey, Mandy! Unfortunately, there is no lab test or medical test that can show that you have hormonal acne. You could, however, test for high testosterone levels since Spiro reduces testosterone levels in the body and blocks the androgen receptors. High testosterone levels in and of itself would not prove that hormones were causing acne, but it would definitely support the possibility. Also, if your testosterone levels are normal, it could still mean that another hormone is screwing up your
  11. I started having mild acne around 12 or 13 years old that slowly progressed into unbearable, painful, ugly cystic acne. No makeup helped (only made it worse) and my self esteem was abysmal. I'm not selling anything (you can look back at my posts from YEARS before), and I'm not even saying this will work for everyone, but I wanted to post what is working for me. Maybe someone has the sam kind of acne as I do, and this might help. But before I tell you what has FINALLY worked for me, let me show y
  12. I've just been prescribed spironolactone (I've been on it about two weeks), and I've definitely experienced an initial breakout. It's not the worst breakout I've ever had, but it's definitely pretty bad. I've also been on Finacea for over a year (it's amazing, by the way), so I think that has helped keep it from being an absolutely atrocious initial breakout. My dermatologist has prescribed minocycline for me in the past- just occasionally for when I'm experiencing terrible flare ups. I'm about
  13. I've tried using the banana peel thing for several nights now, and I agree with dejaclairevoyant, it's very soothing. It seems to decrease the swelling and redness some. Possibly even helped a little with hyperpigmentation? We'll see... I'm going to keep using it since it's so cheap, and I eat a lot of bananas.
  14. What do you guys think about this? I think I'm gonna try it while I wait for the spironolactone to (hopefully) work. It can't hurt, right? I'm curious to know if anyone has tried this, or if you do try it, let me know what happens! I'll post updates, too. [Removed] [Removed]
  15. I actually wanted to know about this, too. But I can tell you about my experience with TTO. I LOVE it. I haven't heard that it causes bacterial resistance, but that doesn't mean it doesn't. It is, hands down, the best spot treatment I've ever found. I used BP for years, and it worked really well. But I stopped using it because I hated putting so much of that stuff on my face every day. You HAVE to dilute the TTO if you decide to use it. It's extremely strong and even if you don't have sensitive