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  1. You look great! I was looking at your pictures and I have to say the veins under your eyes are hard to see, but your skin looks really good. If you do stop early, I hope things work out for you. I ended up going on a month later, but now (4 months past) I'm clear! Do you find that drinking lots of water helps?
  2. I am really bad at updating, but I'm Done!! Yes, I am 4 months off accutane. I must say though, I miss it. Well, except the dry peeling lips. My skin is still clear. I get a few small ones if I don't drink enough water, am stressed, or if I consume too much alcohol.. My hair is back to normal. I cut off seven inches to get rid of all the dry ends, but my face and body are clear! As for oil production... I find that I am getting oily, not ridiculously oily or even shiny, but enough so that if I
  3. I find that if I don't drink at least 10 glasses of water a day I start to break out. Does that happen to you?
  4. PILL SIXTY-ONE wow. How strange is it that I've been taking this for three months. Skin looks pretty good. I have one under my nose that hurts and a couple on my chin. I just got my dose upped today. I'm now 40 mgs a day instead of 20. However, I do have some bad news. My chest pains that I was experiencing earlier on (that I had before I even started Accutane) have become much worse. Sometimes it hurts so much to take even a normal breath of air. I went to my regular doctor, who is a bit of a
  5. :o I love my herseys bars! Only if frozen though. I mostly eat twizzlers and pop rocks and swedish fish and peanut m&ms... What do you eat?
  6. I'm a dolt and commented on my own wall. This is exactly like facebook...

  7. It's soooooo good. There is a bakery in my town that makes THE BEST monkey bread ever. And it's fresh every day and only like a dollar which is wicked sweet because I suck at working and am poor.

  8. What are you doing awake? Isn't it like 4 am there?

  9. Yeah, I eat it with a monkey bread every morning. I don't know. I have my appointment in a week so I'll ask then. I was doing really well, but the past two weeks have been wicked horrible.

  10. I can't wait for the day when I only have three spots!!!

  11. hahaha. I'm re-reading Harry Potter.

  12. umm, I'm annoyed. My face is crap and oily. I updated my blog thingy for you though. How are you doing?

  13. what's it taste like?

  14. What's a penguin bar?

  15. Ok so I really suck at keeping these things up. I am quite frustrated at the moment. I believe it is pill day 53 or 54. Not really sure because I had to miss a couple pills so I would have enough for the month. I have one week til my appointment and I'm still oily. I'm very annoyed and can't sleep. I am breaking out with spots that lie deeeeep under the skin. DEEEEEH!!!!!!!! I think I need to up my dose....
  16. Oh. So you're a dipper? I see how it is....

  17. soggybiscuit? Is that some Brit thing about tea spilled on crumpets? hahahahaha. I make myself laugh!

  18. Don't worry about it too much. I would recommend you keep taking the fish oil and maybe some vitamin E. Since you're not that oily to begin with it might dry you out even more. As someone else said, Aquaphor will be your new best friend. It's good for lips and skin around a recently popped spot. I've also been veeeery sleepy lately (I take my pills with breakfast.) I think I'm on day 47. My skin looks really good except for these two spots on my cheek that are wicked hard and won't pop! I can't
  19. I still have about 2 weeks before my derm appointment :( I'm so sleepy.

  20. Sometimes when I'm really tired and can't sleep and my body aches real bad, I take a Advil PM or something. Don't take a lot because of the liver thing and I try to only take it like once a week if that. I think it helps. Doesn't it suck feeling old?
  21. hahaha. I'm oily again.

  22. DAY FORTY ONE (I think) So, I feel like accutane is starting to not work for me. My skin was doing really well and drying out, etc. but now I'm starting to get oily again...I'm breaking more also. Should I be concerned? Maybe I'll see if I can up my dose for next month. My only side effects are dry eyes and lips..and hair. I'm feeling pretty good though!!
  23. I've been trying to stay away from Acne.org because I come on here at least 10 times a day. I'll try to remember to keep my MSN on. I've been having nasty sleep patterns. I can't fall asleep when I'm tired.

  24. Eww. I have two giant spots on either side of my chin. They are probably equidistant. Ergh. The one on my right side is hard. I tried to squeeze it....bad idea. I'm leaving the left side alone. Well, at least I'm trying to. I think it started out as one cyst and is turning into a tri-cyst. Yes, that's right. TRI-CYST. Three lovely cysts smoooshed into one. It hurts to smile. Thank god I don't have to work tomorrow. I can barely smile at my customers let alone smile and tell them the specials of
  25. I CAN'T SLEEP!!!