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  1. You look great! I was looking at your pictures and I have to say the veins under your eyes are hard to see, but your skin looks really good. If you do stop early, I hope things work out for you. I ended up going on a month later, but now (4 months past) I'm clear! Do you find that drinking lots of water helps?
  2. I am really bad at updating, but I'm Done!! Yes, I am 4 months off accutane. I must say though, I miss it. Well, except the dry peeling lips. My skin is still clear. I get a few small ones if I don't drink enough water, am stressed, or if I consume too much alcohol.. My hair is back to normal. I cut off seven inches to get rid of all the dry ends, but my face and body are clear! As for oil production... I find that I am getting oily, not ridiculously oily or even shiny, but enough so that if I
  3. I find that if I don't drink at least 10 glasses of water a day I start to break out. Does that happen to you?
  4. Oh an 'infection'.

  5. Hey. i'm on 40mg too. Everything was going perfect until 2 days ago when I got two big bumps.

    I'm putting it down to being ill and drinking alcohol /shrug.

  6. I think so. Are you still on 20mg?

  7. Are you still oily? I'm wondering because I just ran out of sunflower oil to cook my full English breakfast with.

    Nah but really, I'm concerned and also curious.

  8. PILL SIXTY-ONE wow. How strange is it that I've been taking this for three months. Skin looks pretty good. I have one under my nose that hurts and a couple on my chin. I just got my dose upped today. I'm now 40 mgs a day instead of 20. However, I do have some bad news. My chest pains that I was experiencing earlier on (that I had before I even started Accutane) have become much worse. Sometimes it hurts so much to take even a normal breath of air. I went to my regular doctor, who is a bit of a
  9. Nope, but i may when the term starts.

  10. Ah those ones suck. Any facial expression makes them hurt.

    I still havnt been sleeping properly eeek.

  11. I'm alright. Got a sore throat though! I think I have candida.

    Still only have 4 spots. It's going good :|=

  12. Did you have your derm appointment?

  13. Awesome! I would but I ran out of character spaces :P.