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  1. i'm wondering what is the difference between the 2?? i personally see lotion as a liquidy moisturizer, while a moisturizer is a cream. So a lotion is an ALTERED form of moisturizers. Do they serve different purposes?? i'm sure the goal is to hydrate the skin, but are they used for different applications?? is one for more dry skin? is one for more delicate skin? daytime use? nighttime use?? Derek
  2. So what do you do after your acne is gone?? I'm in that phase right now, where my face is pimple free, but constantly dry because i'm still using BP all over my face in fear of breaking out. I'm still doing the same regime right now as i did when i HAD acne but i want to get off it because i think it's now time to restore my skin. Instead of applying the BP all over my face, would tea tree oil be suitable as a spot treatment?? for night time i bought jojoba oil and will be using that that to g
  3. i've read around the net and some say not to moisturize at night because we need to let our pores breath. I did moisturize at night for a bit, but even in the mornings after my face wash my skin was STILL dry. No matter what i do, any contact with water and my face is dry. It's not just red it's more like white because it's that visible. Here's the problem when i apply BP. It feels like it doesn't absorb into my skin, more like it just lays itself on top of my skin. My face is so tight af
  4. so this is my routine EVERYDAY. Morning: wash face with cetaphil cleanser, pat dry, moisturize with cetaphil moisturizer. Night: wash face with water only, apply benzaclin gel (clindamycin 1%/benzoyl peroxide 5%). My face, no matter what is constantly dry. I believe my main problem is the use of the BP but the BP prevents my face from breaking out. I'm afraid of cutting the BP out of my routine because i'm terrified of acne. However, i'm also getting more sick of always having dry skin be
  5. ok so basically my initial conclusion of the BP really damaging my skin is correct, yes?? I only wash my face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night and right after i always moisturize with cetaphil lotion. So you suggest adding a couple drops of jojoba oil in with the cetaphil? will this help bring my pH balance back up??? Now that i think of it, my forehead and my chin area RARELY see BP because zits don't develop there for me and dry skin hardly appears in those areas. I only
  6. here's the situation. I've been using BP on my entire face to PREVENT more zits from forming and it works well. However i think that this has a direct correlation to my severly overdried skin and redness....so in my attempts to revive a natural glow and subtle moistness to my skin i'm stopping the preventative BP application and am going to start using it as a spot treatment. I moisturize my face before bed at night. In the morning i wash my face with cetaphil face cleanser and wash it off.
  7. i already know the answer to my question, but i'm trying to minimize my usage of BP because i'm certain that it is making my face red/slowing down the fading process of my red marks. I've been using BP for about 2 years now and i've been spreading it on my face everynight to prevent zits from forming. It has done a wonderful job i must say but i know for sure that it is making my face red and slowing down the fading process of my red marks. I know if i stop using the BP as a preventative meas
  8. hey, So how does one moisturize their face??? Before i go to bed, i always shower and thus it leads to DRY DRY DRY skin. My face especially. I can't even move my mouth because it just feels so bad. And when i do, the skin just cracks and becomes all flaky. Before bed i always apply BenzaClin to prevent acne from comming back. Now here is where i get confused....... Should i apply a moisturizer AFTER i apply the BenzaClin to my severly dried-up skin??? if so, what kind of moisturizer??? i
  9. ok i've tried lactic peels and while it makes my skin feel smoother, it doesn't improve my look. My skin has LOADS of red marks on it. Not only red spotty marks, but my actual skin tone and everything is changing color. Almost like i'm turning more middle eastern. It's weird because it doesn't look like red marks left from acne. However i know it is left by acne because it only became like this after my acne problems. If i stretch my skin, it helps the appearence A LOT. I mean 10 fold. B
  10. hey guys, what's the best method to improve your overall complexion??? tanning?? i have lots of uneven skin blotches EVERYWHERE on my face. My nose is red, my forehead is a little bit of my natural color + red marks, around my eyes are my normal skin texture and color, around my nose is my normal sin texture and color, my cheeks and jaw line are redish/whitish with that orange peel look, and my chin area is redish with a normal skin texture. I look like a dead person really
  11. ok i've had this for MONTHS now, so i don't think they're going to give me a refund. ANYONE want this?? comes with the toner, revitalizing lotion, sulfur mask, repairing cream........Make me an offer!!!
  12. i have an extra set of pro-activ. They sent me 2 packages and they also billed me for both of them I just want to get rid of it. It's not even opened and it's right here sitting in my room. Can i sell it to someone here??? just make an offer.
  13. I think i might try a stronger peel like a glycolic peel ^. I'm using lactic acid (40%) with no improvement at all.
  14. i've been there SEVERAL times, but the stupid bitch doesn't acknowledge me at all. I keep telling her it's not normal, but she keeps insisting that my skin looks great. Time to change derms i think.