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  1. Thanks! And it's really not nearly as bad is it seems. Good luck
  2. Day 7 Hi all! So pretty much all my face has peeled. Just a few spots and half of my left cheek that I referred to earlier that looks almost like it's not going to peel but I think it's going to peel. Those super red spots are slowly fading out and flaking making the redness go away so I'm not worried about those anymore. To be honest, sometimes I look in the mirror and I don't think my scars looked improved but sometimes they do look improved. The hyperpigmentation is still there, but.. b
  3. Day 6 A lot of peeling today. I'm stoked Most of my forehead is peeled. Most of my right cheek is peeled. My chin is all but gone and my jawline is about 3/4 peeled (mostly peeled in the inner, the outer parts are left). My nose is almost all peeled too but it was very lightly done anyway. I'm confused about my left cheek. The doctor noted more scars on that side and he did part of my left cheek twice and it stayed whiter longer and now it's just red. The other part of my left cheek is
  4. Yeah, I've been taking some of the stuff. I don't expect it to be a miracle cure. The whole theory behind them and some of the people using their stuff, is that you basically keep breaking down the skin, then help to rebuild it using the copper and stuff. Some people do the needling, others do peels repeatedly, then apply the copper and other stuff. It's a slow process. Some people swear they have eliminated many scars. Of course, it's hard to know how bad they were to begin with. They claim a c
  5. Ya, those are hard to find I like Neutrogena's 3-in-1 Acne Stress control. I bought mine from ulta. It's a 2% BHA lotion. I think it's meant to be a moisturizer, but according to some reviews I've read, some find it drying. So try it out, and if it dries you out, use a separate moisturizer.
  6. Day 5 (Yesterday, didn't get a chance to post it) I admit I am starting to lose my patience. I want to see what's under there! The area around the left side of my mouth peeled and some parts of my chin. More parts are turning a light brown, but some of my cheeks are still red. Otherwise, not much to report. Well, there is one thing I mentioned in my earlier posts how some parts have stayed white even a day after and I was scared it was hypopigmentation, I texted the derm, and he said not
  7. I don't either They don't show in this picture but they are there. I have teeny tiny holes and some are not teeny tiny-- like the ones in the first picture.
  8. Thanks Dave I'm very confused about Skin Biology. I did buy one of their serums once and didn't really see any changes in my skin. I also don't see any one else touting the products besides Skin Biology or any affirmation of its reliability. On the other hand, I don't see anyone discrediting Dr. Pickart either. Do you have any insight into this? Thanks!
  9. I stand corrected. Sort of. http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/ho...iddleColumn0003 I've read different things and took away that experts differ about keeping the would exposed or not but I guess it depends on how prone the area is to infection. I guess if you're at home not doing much then leave it exposed but if you're sleeping (hence more likely for the wound to come in contact with your pillow and more) or if you're outside, then cover it? Good luck.
  10. Hi charlotte, It is possible that you will have a scar buuuut skin will continue to heal and improve for a couple of months and the healing process is essential to alleviating scar formation. Keep it moist and if possible, covered until it heals. Good luck to you.
  11. Hi Dave, Thanks for the encouragement Ya, I'm certainly not expecting miracles and although 100% is ideal for us all, I know that I have to be realistic. What is the difference between the "slow" method versus the fast (?) method and why am I better candidate for the former? My derm told me that he has past patients with great improvement in acne scars from the TCA peel and I can reasonably expect a 60% improvement after one peel. I might do another peel, depending on the results and my
  12. Day 4 My mood is better today. I haven not left the house since Friday. I hope I can get some fresh air tomorrow at least? Anyways, even though when I woke up, my face was still hellava swollen, by lunch time it subsided significantly and at this point, it is all but gone. My skin is turning brown and wrinkly in some parts and then peeling, mostly around the corners of my mouth. My forehead is partly brown and wrinkly as well but not peeling. My cheeks, though, are still quite maroon. S
  13. Antibiotics kill bacteria that causes acne to inflame. Inflamed acne= higher chances of scarring. It makes sense to want to calm your acne now to avoid scarring while you search for a cure. And I think most doctors prescribe antibiotics with a retinoid, to both kill bacteria (thereby decreasing inflammation) and unclog pores. Plus sometimes retinoids cause non-inflamed pimples to become inflamed and that's why antibiotics are also prescribed.
  14. Thanks Beautiful Day for your input. I do respectfully disagree about going to a doctor for a procedure. If I had done this on my own, I would not have been able to know (or if I did know) have access to using a retinoid for two weeks prior to the peel. I probably would not have known or have access to the anti-viral beforehand. Yes, cold sores during chemical peels are rare, but why risk it? Lastly, should there be any complications, I can call his office whenever I want and nip it in the
  15. Hi charlotte, I have a lot of hyperpigmentation (albeit quite faint, but still noticeable). I guess those are not technically scars but I've had them for over a year. My shallow scars I think would be best qualified as boxcar. They are very small and shallow though. I mustered up some courage and uploaded a picture of my scars. Unfortunately, I don't have anything that can show my cheek scars but they're similar. The ones on my cheeks are like the ones I have in this picture and I have q