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  1. i have zeno and i love it i never pop anymore and i mean never which has helped in making it so i dont cause more acne it works on my pimples i even had a cyst coming on i felt it right away and zenoed it and it never came to (THANK GOD) i say it really works and i never let it go
  2. my boyfriend showed me a trick if your up for it it really works for all kinds of acne. take the lense out of a pair of cheep sun glasses and when your in the shower put a hole in it with a needle and slowly run the lense on you5r skin over the cyst and do it in every direction and also put the flat part on top of the spot it should empty it out it has always worked for me.
  3. ok so it was my cycle that made me breakout the baby is great my aunt is an aroma therapist and she loves stuff to do with skin she made mine go from VERY bad to nice and she said that the baby oil is great but make sure you wipe all of it off which i do with a soft cloth and its working so well
  4. rose water is great my aunt is a aromatherapist and she makes me a rose and lavender water toner and i call it miracle water
  5. so i'm breaking out but i dont know if its from the oil or pms or what but im going to give it a few more days and see how it works out
  6. so i used the oil to wash off my make up and it all came off right away and i use vichy dermablend and the shit is hard to get off i usually have to wash it at least twice and use a cloth but not ith the baby oil. but the one i got has scent i hope my skin is ok with that because i love how it smells. anyways ill let you know how my skin feels about it but so far so good
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going to try the baby oil tomorrow looks like it works great and ive read lots of great feedback so ill let you know how it worked out for me
  8. i use dermablend and i freaking love it it does not make me break out at all and to everyone who said its to thick you HAVE to use it with a foundation brush and start at you forehead in the middle and spread out using small amounts at a time and make sure you wash your brush at least once a week if you want to see what i look like without my make up and then with it send me a mesage and i will send you pics. trust me this stuff covers it all and because it can go on thick you can fill your scar
  9. vichy dermablend with a foundation brush
  10. I feel the same way( about being scared of being prego) the whole idea of that freaks me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i have to say im almost in tears reading some of your posts ive had acne since iwas 15 and it always left really light scars till last October wheni broke out really bad and now im left with really bad scaring some raised some deep some flat and red and my face looks like i still have bad acne even tho i only have a couple of really small pimples that are not bad at all ive noticed the red ones are going away really nicely but that raised ones are taking a really long time some i poke needles an
  12. has anyone tried this spot treatment??? i bought it last night $13 in a big box got it home tiny little thing but it seams to work well. any comments?
  13. i ALWAYS brush my teeth in the shower people think its weird but i like using hot water but if thats the problem doing it when you shower may help
  14. i just started using neo extra fast healing a few weeks ago and so far its helped so much its getting rid of my red marks and has not caused me any problems at all and i have skin that reacts easy so i say what do you have to lose? try it! it works for me