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  1. I'm a vegetarian too... and I still have acne... So I beg to disagree... PS: Violet: Love your display pic! Funny!
  2. What do you mean by this? (i.e. teratogenic effects) Teratogenic means 'from the time of formation of the embryo'
  3. I'm from India... So, I know a lottttt about Turmeric and its antiseptic properties... Topical application of turmeric powder will stain your skin especially if you are fair skinned... But not so much for spot treatments I guess, cause' I've tried that... You must not leave it on the spot for a long time.. Its also pretty hard to wash off and you may end up popping the pimple... I'm not sure about this, but mixing it with honey (which also has anti bacterial properties) results in lesser s
  4. thx for the compliment, welcome to the org

  5. You should ask out the girl in your class... P.S: I think you are cute *blush*
  6. Well as far as I know, Hard water means water straight from the underground water table... it has not been 'treated'.... and by the way, what I get at home is hard water... does not lather much.. has a salty taste to it... but somehow, in a weird way, it seems to be doing great things for my skin and hair...
  7. Hmm this is interesting... Just my opinion, If I do not wash my face each day, I guess the world oil crisis would stop
  8. I've tried this... Total crap.... Did nothing for my existing acne or preventing them... Only gave me hyperpigmentation in sensitive areas esp around my mouth...
  9. I have just broken out horribly and I am sure its from milk. I have been lazy and just have been eating cereal a lot lately because its so easy to make. Aboout 3-4 bowls a day. Well I have broken out horribly and now have stopped drinking it. Its been a week and still have lots of healing to go. Just wondering whats your opinion on Almond milk? I am pretty sure I am not alergic to nuts so I think I will be good on that part. I drink a lot of Tea each day.. But with milk... Whole milk that
  10. It didn't do much for me... I think the granules only clog your pores...
  11. Yea Neutrogena Dry Touch is good... Anything with a 'matte finish' wont run on an oily skin... But must have atleast SPF 30...
  12. Fuller's Earth... Just google it... A face mask of Fullers Earth works wonders!!!