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  1. Hey guys, sufferer of SD here. I was just prescribed Promiseb. Anyone had any experiences with it?
  2. agreed. the person who cares most about your acne is you. your friends will remain your friends
  3. I used to have panic attacks, but I've learned to deal with anxiety and the attacks naturally. Please, please get off of whatever antidepressants you are on, though it would be best to not have ever been on them. The damaging effects of antidepressants are much worse than any condition they "cure." I've seen people I love changed into monsters by antidepressants, so do yourself a favor and get off of them asap. Panic attacks are completely mental. You feel like you're going to die, but you're
  4. The sun is good for you. It should make you happy, not sad. I'm sure no one at the bus stop or wherever cares about your acne.
  5. i know how that is, being in college myself...even if it's not directly about your face, if you're asked to stand up and have everyone look at you, it might as well be.
  6. am i the only one who thinks sunlight actually makes me look better? cloudy days just make the skin look less vibrant, sort of like those damn florescent lights that are everywhere. it's the same reason why (at least personally) people look better in incandescent lights, like in homes, because they're yellow and more forgiving. florescents are just unnatural light. for one, they come from above which natural light almost never does, and they're white, which sunlight isn't. i just feel like sun
  7. Well, the first question would be, "have you had acne in the recent past?" If you have, then it probably is just red marks, and yes, he's right, they take a long long time to heal. I've got some that are still around from 6 months ago, maybe even a year, though they're hardly noticeable. Acne products can definitely contribute to the redness as well. He's very likely right in his diagnosis, because you don't have any of the symptoms of Rosacea. If they bother you badly, you can try some of
  8. I have mild Rosacea and quite a few broken blood vessels on my cheeks and nose (especially where it connects with my face). My question is: Will being out in the sun/getting a tan make the redness worse/create more broken blood vessels? Thanks
  9. Wow, some of these are very harsh. I have to agree that the worst thing are the looks and the way people act around you, and though I've never been unfortunate enough to have anyone outright say something horrible, children will be honest and it can sting. My 6-year-old niece whom I adore said, "Why is your face like that?" After I tried to explain and she eventually got over it, it sort of stuck with me through the rest of the day. In the same way, I think older relatives often say things