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  1. I'm gonna go see a naturopath tomorow! It's not going to be a full consultation (cuz those cost 120$ ) and so she'll be recommending some supplements. I might end up going for a full consultation later on when I actually have money...
  2. I saw this Indian book on beauty tricks that had been passed down generations. One of them was a black lentil mask. I decided to incorporate the turmeric in the mask and I have seen A LOT of improvement. Im on my sencond week, but I could already see the amount of pimples diminish after one week. So for the mask, cook some black lentils. Then crush them, and add a lot of turmeric in there till u get a yellow paste. Add a bit of lemon juice to it too. The original lentil mask asked for butter
  3. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont feel bad!!!! You should totally keep going to ur sessions! From what Ive read, it seems to actually help ppl, so dont give up! You are surely not the first person to go there with acne so dont feel bad about going there!
  4. I tried a Gluten Free, Sugar free, dairy free and soy free diet for 6 weeks but didn't really see any difference in my skin. Now I still do not eat any dairy. I eat very limited amounts of sugar and that comes in the form of adding honey to my tea, or adding honey or maple syrup to recipes. I eat hardly any soy, the only soy I get is from soy sauce used occasionally in recipes. I eat almost NO gluten still but occasionally will eat a whole wheat bagel or some whole wheat pasta when I am
  5. liline


    wow...ur skin really improved!!!!! keep it up!
  6. I'm definitely gonna give this a try...I had actually gone clear after changing my diet..but with the new confidence I had, i started cheating here and there, and now after a month of bad eating, im back to square 1! SOooo im trying to jumpstart my whole system now---back on the diet and now water therapy!!! Ill keep yall posted about how it goes!
  7. Theres a lot of things you can try...it seems from the pics that ur skin is still a bit red from inflammation so avoid eating inflammatory foods (trust me, it makes a HUGE difference). You could also put unrefined shea butter (at night cuz its a bit greasy). Ive been putting on the butter for around a week now, and it definitely does help to bring down the inflammation and redness. The spots have also been fading (although very slowly since i have dark skin and my spots are literally black). Bu
  8. Hi!! I've been drinking ACV to help with my skin and have also made some major diet changes (no gluten or dairy products, etc (antiinflammatory diet)) and have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I'm not 100% clear but I do look a lot better than before :) Howeve, I did loose a LOT of weight too.. I was at 127 lbs and now weigh around 114 which i guess isnt too bad. So I guess you will lose weight, but maybe not as dramatically if u keep ur same diet.. All in all, im pretty happy about the res
  9. liline

    52 days later

    Omg! ur skin looks amazing!!!! Congrats! Im actually on my first day of my diet and i hope itll work as well. Keep it up!!
  10. hey!, i have a question, how come u dont eat citrus fruits??? I eat like 3 oranges a day...are they known to be bad for acne?