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  1. I'm back ! So I was researching about ALA, if it would help with icepick scars left from acne. I was interested on taking it orally. Then I read about this topical treatment. Anyone tried this? Please?
  2. My God... I think I had been blind all these years! This stuff didn't even came to my head 100% bingo! This actually makes sense! Thank you so much! I'm definitely gonna try this...
  3. sounds good to me... Though some of the foods you've mentioned here kinda scare me. I mean like, butter, eggs, milk peanut butter... I think they induce acne. But I don't know... Last few months, after successfully getting clear like 95%, I went on a very strict diet to control everything. I ate a lot at breakfast, then skipped lunch blah blah... but I totally stopped eating sweets... I also took supplements... unfortunately, my acne got worse. I got zits on my jaw and on my temples. I trie
  4. Thanks for all these replies. I thought I wouldn't get answers. Lorax, do you have more information about Cayce's treatments? I hope you'll answer soon...
  5. This is great! MSM and Taurine are by far the best supplements I've taken. However I started Taurine first at 500mg a day then 1000, then i continued it along with 1000 mg of MSM. It worked great! I got cleared for the past few months but unfortunately now, I've got acne again. My advice is that you should keep on that as a routine & don't miss out a dose. If you're on a healthy diet, be stable on it because I had a good diet when I was on those supplements. and I don't know but Zinc kin
  6. I'm glad you posted this; I'm having a similar problem. I made the mistake of starting to use a B-Complex/Taurine (3000 mg) at the same time I decided to start using olive oil on my face. It's been two weeks and I'm now breaking out in areas where I haven't in months, (forehead, temples, jawline, sideburn area; I might add it's the worst breakout I've had in months). Oddly enough, areas where I normally DO break out (upper lip, chin area, inbetween eyebrows) are clearing up. It's like my acne
  7. can you give me the link to the forum? Please help me out... I'm really desperate.
  8. This is a very interesting method for clearing up your skin. For me, it seems like the treatment that targets the very core of the problem, and not just the symptoms(acne). However, I don't really know if this works. Have you tried this one? I am very positive that this will work. If you'd like to try it please let me know. And If you have already tried it, did it work? If you want to know about Edgar Cayce, please do a search about him. He's kind of "mysterious" and he seems like omniscient o
  9. Do Broccoli pills really work? How long would it take to clear up moderately severe acne? what dosage will work best? thanks in advance...
  10. omega 3 worked good for 3 days. The small zits on my face faded but they came back on the 4th day and so on so I stopped. maybe I broke out because I didn't do the ratio thing. anyways... thanks for the info. would heat from cooking change the effects of the oil?
  11. when I ran out of MSM, I took zinc chelate 50 mgs a day. I took it for about 2 weeks. The first week was ok and the good results were that the very little zits on my upper chin (between lips & chin) got smaller. then on the second week I got a pimple on my forehead and 2 on my cheeks. few days later the zits on my jaw got worse. I've stopped taking the supplement and still small zits are spreading from my jaw. I don't know if this is an initial breakout. And if it is, i think its taking
  12. I know this post is a bit long but please bare with me. I'm going to post some information about me so you could know if we have similarities. I have listed the supplements I've taken so you would know (or have a good guess) if it will work for you. on the other hand, if you sense that my information is really different from yours then (maybe) there is a big chance that the supplements that didn't work for me will work for you. It all depends, but all in all, I'm giving information on the eff
  13. I'm focusing more on: supplements for the liversupplements for hormonessupplements that prevent candida overgrowth but please be free to post other supplements that could help. As for other supplements like vitamins, I'm taking multivitamins instead. I also take them at moderate dosages because high dosages might cause problems (like taking high dosage of just one b vitamin could decrease other b vitamins, and overdose of vitamin A and vitamin E could cause toxins that could prevent the liver