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  1. I srubbed while i was on accutane, although my derm told me it was bad, i still did.. it helped.
  2. GUYS.. disappeared for a while after my last post on DALICIN C.. Losing hope on Dalicin C.. I went back to my derm.. after trying everything she made me try.. Our last hope was ACCUTANE... she made me drink ACNETREX for 6 months.. IT SAVED MY LIFE.. I came from an ugly duckling to a SWAN... i mean it.. my face was so full of acne.. as in my whole face.. on my first 2 months of it..she made me take it once a day.. i experienced more pimples forming.. i never looked in the mirror.. came back to
  3. heart.. u in the country? im filipina too. can we communicate? my acne is quite unique bec, it was irritated. and aggravated... do i still have hope?? huhuhu

  4. No your the hottie. You Hottie! LOL!

  5. Proactive didn't do anything great for me.. not at all.. i know how u feel.. my boyfriend has flawless skin.. when he stares at my face i get so concious and even fight with him for doing so...hehe acne... wished god never created such thing.. hehe
  6. you can't live your like that forver.. i've been there.. cried myself to sleep.. hid from practically everyone... (including my mom, even the MIRROR!!) then i realized this isnt gonna get me anywhere.. i startd with a SMILE.. it does help.. really does..
  7. solution to pimples* ;p

  8. uhmm.. i've been using it for about 2 months now.. its an old filipino solution to pumples.. just never really believed in it.. till noW.. :)

  9. Sound easy...but im not smart sorry lol. whats an astringent? could you give some examples. propz on this too hey. hey.. umm they're cleansing toners/toner.. you use it after washing your face and before moisturizing.. well i gues all astringents and toners have the word toner or astringents on it. anything that suites u will work.. i just picked anything off the shelf.. added the capsule.. and.. tadaaaa.. hehehe worked for me..
  10. I was 11 when i gOt my first huge zit on the center of my nOSE!! and that's where it all started.. blackheads.. whiteheads.. HUGE PIMPLEs all over my face!! that's where it all began.. i've spent 7 years crying myself to sleep, being bullied by everyone, including my relatives, being stared at as if i totally grossed people out. my life was horrible with acne.. I've tried everything: -nivea products- made my face even more oily -Mena- didn't do anything -renow D- gave me even more blackheads -c