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  1. My skin is extremely sensitive and I can't handle manual exfoliation at all. I would try chemical exfoliation, (i.e. salicylic/glycolic/lactic/mandelic acid) in small amounts to build up tolerance. It's probably the best way to rid yourself of clogged pores without tearing at facial skin. If you really feel the need to scrub and think your skin is up to it, you may want to try the baby hair brush method a few times a week with the Cetaphil.
  2. Yeah, water intoxication depends not only on the quantity, but also how fast you consume the water. And like everyone else said, it's entirely individual. I'm quite small, but I drink 96 ounces- 1 gallon per day because a) I'm a heavy exerciser and b) I'm on medication that induces extreme thirst. If I drink less than that, I start to feel nauseous, lightheaded, and shaky. 3 liters a day is fine.
  3. As a long distance runner, for instant and sustained energy, I recommend Barilla whole grain pasta. And brown rice, of course.
  4. I'd worry about the SPF destabilizing because of air exposure...
  5. I'm not depressed. I'm really, really happy, and I have severe bipolar disorder... But I've also finally cleared up my damn acne.
  6. Medication can really help people. Not everyone can get away with yoga and green tea. I wish I could, but it's physically impossible. It has to be a combination of lifestyle changes and drug therapy. For me anyway.
  7. I have Bipolar I, and I take Lithobid, (extended-release lithium carbonate) which has completely eliminated my need to take an anti-depressant. (About 15% of bipolar people on lithium for mania also reap anti-depressant benefits, for some reason). I'm allergic to SSRIs, but I know that it takes at least six weeks for them to become fully effective, and therapy should probably be continued for a longer period of time...And it could definitely be the Seroquel making you drowsy, as it's an atypica
  8. Thank you. People here write off dermatologists because they spend eight hours a day on the ORG and think they know everything. Yet no one, (or very few people) here went to medical school, and hey, medicine isn't an exact science, so it requires patience. I agree with everything you said.
  9. Have fun, sun worshipers! I bet basal cell carcinoma and premature collagen loss are a BLAST!
  10. Another vote for vaseline/aquaphor/thick, unscented petrolatum products.
  11. Wow, I guess I'm a freak... My skin absolutely hates the sun/heat. Rashes, itchiness, pimples, general irritation ... I wear a huge hat, bathe in sunblock, and stay out of it. Then again, I do have rosacea and a pending PMLE diagnosis, so that would probably make sense. I can totally stop worrying about my skin in cooler climates- it's like it just takes care of itself and I don't have to fight it. Oh well. At least I won't have wrinkles by the time I'm of legal drinking age, haha...
  12. CeraVe may be my last hope for a gentle, OTC cleanser. I'm almost positive that the Aveeno I just started to use is doomed to irritate my skin. I hated Cetaphil, (have tried all of their products) and have heard CeraVe is comparable. Is it even worth trying if I thought Cetaphil was terrible? Thank you!
  13. Assigning blame isn't productive and it definitely won't help your acne. Like others have said, take control of the situation, see your derm, and try something new.