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  1. oh i see... wow thats cool ur friends dont even notice u have it on.. will i be good with just mineral foundation??
  2. i really hope this works... aNybody else have experience with this?? id really appreciate it if you can share!
  3. oh i see. but i hope i dont get caught if i do. ive never done it before. so is there a limit to how much i put on that it wont look too caky? i mean do u even notice that u put anything on ur skin after u put on mineral foundation?? or is it barely obvious
  4. oh wow really?? im gonna start doing it. i just hope that my skin wont look TOO perfect u know? then itll be obvious that im using it.
  5. thanks man, appreciate the reply. i saw some mineral foundation at a safeway so i might be using that
  6. any suggestions? PLEASE. i don't have that much acne its just my cheeks get so red and i need to cover it up QUICK in like 2 weeks. will people notice if i use cover up? btw im straighter than a line lol
  7. i have moderate acne and ive tried everything...i hate those damn scars that dont go away...and on top of that i keep breaking out....can someone please recommend me a good face wash PLEASE
  8. Bathroom mirrors tend to make your skin look much better, whereas mirrors by sunlight or a car make it look worse. Car mirrors for example makes those uneven bumps on your skin show. You can especially see that when you look at a car window.
  9. Keep your head up man, i feel your pain, get Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar it'll stop your break outs for a FACT its a soap thats only about $3. Give it a shot
  10. To invaderzim: dude we are not afraid of what we look like, because trust me, i think im a hell of a good looking kid, its just that left over red acne scars are a constant day killer and ruin everything
  11. Please guys any advice would be appreciated very much
  12. I know people just don't understand...especially when i see other people looking in the mirror confidently, it makes me wish i could do that too
  13. You do make a point. I see no problems mixing Vitamin C with Vitamin E.