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  1. I know for me Differin made me breakout periodically over the first 4 months I used it, I started last may and now I'm clear and I never breakout. I only breakout like, once every 2 months, and it's one pimple. Differin is a bitch and takes time but it gives real results.
  2. Im on Differin, today is actually 5 months. Im clear, and it took around 4 months to clear, I still get little breakouts. But those go away fast. stick with it.
  3. Im on differin, and its going great. but When the occasional breakout comes I want to spot treat it and I mean..I havent really ever used toothpaste, but now I have to because BP makes me all red and blotchy. Anyone have any input?
  4. Ive been on it for almost 5 months and I still get the odd breakout, but thats if I dont take care of my skin. Otherwise Im clear . Initial Breakout SUCKS. lasted like..3 and a half months
  5. hey all I can say is STICK WITH IT! Ive been on it for about 3 months and a couple weeks and my skin is smooth and cleae (disreguarding the tiny tiny red spot that just came up..but Ive been eating so much junk recently hhaha
  6. sounds like clogged pores..steam your face, then apply SA overnight. like neutrogena's. http://www.neutrogena.com/ProductsDetails_...ProductLineID=1
  7. Chlorine and Salt water dry out your skin, and your skin makes up for the lost moisture by overproducing oil leading to overly oily skin. To prevent this, reapply a moisturizer with SPF of at least 15 whenever you get out of the water.
  8. Olay Complete Moisture SPF 15 (Sensitive Skin Verison) THE BOMB OF MOISTURIZERS. Aloe + Vitamin E = Soft, even, dewy skin. by the way.. the aloe and E are in the moisturizer hahah
  9. Eh..I've heard some really really bad things about using the monistat as a primer. A friend did that and she has the clearest baby ass skin ever and she brokeout everywhere.. Another friend did it and she got red and got blackheads everywhere she put it.
  10. Totally agree with everyone, the best drugstore moisturizer you can get that will be amazingly beneficial for your skin is OLAY COMPLETE MOISTURE LOTION SPF 15 (sensitive version). It has vitamin E and aloe in it, as well as being non comedogenic and oil free. I cant rave enough, this thing saved me
  11. STOP USING IT EVERYDAY. I found this out the hard way. I had used it everyday when I didnt have acne. Now when i use it every day it aggrivates my skin if I use it more than 3 times a week.
  12. ive been on differin for a little over 12 weeks and its brightened my skintone and ridded all my acne..im completley soft faced to the touch and just look healthy! I have some redmarks though..:/. the one thing is dontget discouraged if you break out..that means its working.. my derm described it as "Differin causes 6 months of breakouts condensed into 12 weeks" It takes time and patience. I saw results in weeks 10-12.
  13. thanks so much for responding !! After cleansing in the shower at night Im LATHERING up in my Olay Complete and my flakes are gone!