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  1. bump for the quoestion about egg whitess
  2. Hey got a quick question regarding this regime and dont have time to look through whole thread for answer. How long do eg whites keep for after you break it out of the shell? Just that i only use a small amount from1 egg and seems like a bit of a waste, can you keep the juice refrigerated for few days, or does it go bad?
  3. nevermind guys found out it was the latter. Will report back in couple of months with results
  4. So I just finished my course of accutane pretty much all cleared up but left with alot of ugly red marks. Have been looking round the net for answers and came across this regime: Ingredients * 5 teaspoons baking soda * 9 teaspoons water * 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar * 1 tablespoon egg white * 1 teaspoon lemon juice Directions 1. First, make a paste with the baking soda and 1 tsp of the water. 2. Apply it to your face, massaging gently,
  5. I am in the same position as you right now finished with tane 2 weeks ago all cleared up but nasty red marks left.... I'm trying this: good luck
  6. You know your supposed to dilute the ACV with water first? 1tsp ACV 8 Tsp water here try this....