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  1. Well I decided to make a log because like others have said I think it would be therapuedic and would be cool to look back at my progress after this Accutane is done. I guess I'll give a little background story in how I got to Accutane. I had mildish acne my whole life from about 15-21. I would get primarily whiteheads and it was rare if I really "broke" out in 5-6 pimples. Anyways fast forward to about 3 months after my 21st B-day. I wasn't even worried about acne and was enjoying life. As far a
  2. I never said that some of the side effects aren't very serious and I do feel bad about people who get them. I feel for those people and it does SUCK. People should use common sense and realize if they already have physical/emontional problems than they might be more susceptible to the side effects. However, when you agree to take this drug you are very aware of what could happen. I guarntee you if I had a suffered serious side effects you wouldn't see me trying to convince everyone accutane is
  3. or your brain A sure sign of the start of crepitis followed by mild progressive pain if your joints have never clicked before. That was the start of it all for me. Okay, Sheefa, I have seen you post on SEVERAL topics, and I must say that you act like everything that's started by Accutane is going to be extremely severe and that it will stick with you for the rest of your life. This isn't true. I have joint pain and I doubt it'll go far as permanent Arthritis ... Just because it st
  4. I alos have had the same problem as you guys. I had very mild acne until about 3 minths after my 21st b-day. Then around early Feb thuis year my face started breaking out in cysts and such. Ever since then I have been to the derm multiple times. They have given me the run around with creams and antibiotics, which worked when taken in large doses, however you can't take antiobiotics forever. I tried all types of differnt products I mostly saw reviewed on this website. Nothing has helped long ter
  5. Man you have never heard of IBprofen? That's actually kindof awesome haha. Anyway Ibprofen is a painkiller/Anitinflammatory. The big thing is that is a an antiinflammotry. By all means it is not a cure. If used only use it temporarily. Ice and Ibprofen is useful because it helps with the inflammation that comes with cysts. However I want to repeat, These will not cure cysts. Theyw ill still be there. If you are already on Prescription meds and this is till happening I would make a appointment wi
  6. Those defiently look like cysts. DO not pick them. Go the the derm asap. In the mean time. Take Ibprofen and ice the cysts to reduce in infalmmation and redness
  7. I had the same thing happen to me where through my teenage years I had only mild acne. A few months after my 21st bday I started breaking out in alot of big inflammed pimples. I thought they were just big whiteheads and I tried to pop them. DO NOT pop them. They will scar. It sounds like you have cystic/nodular type of acne. Go to the Derm. Nothing you can buy over the counter is gonna help clear it up. I waited at least two months after I started breaking out in cysts to go to the derm and ever
  8. I had a cystic acne breakout earlier this year and even though I still get the occasional cyst/Nodule every couple weeks(which still sucks hard but that's another story) the one thing that bothers me most about my face is this cyst/nodule on my upper left cheek sorduf next to my nose. It has just been a hard lump underneath my skin now for at least 4 or 5 months. It is still red and the area aroudn it is red. I've tried to let it reslove itself but is the most subborn thign ever. When i feel it
  9. If you actaully believe that then you have a warped view of the world. I know because I used to think the same way when I was younger. This happens ALOT more than you think. Yes their is plenty of shallow people in the world however through my life experieces as I have gotten older looks start to take a backseat to thing such as personality, security, MONEY (haha) etc.
  10. I'm confused as well. I had a cystic breakout earlier this year so I would know a cyst but currently I have a semi-large inflammed bump on my cheek. it's been there for about 3 days. It doesnt have a head however there it doesnt hurt either. At this point it's defiently not poppable but it doesnt seem to be receding either. It's just holding strong and stubborn. It's really irritating the hell out of me. Anybody know if this is papule or a nodule?
  11. count me in on a fan of baking soda as well. I use carley's clean and smooth in the morning and baking soda at night. This combo is def controlling my acne better than anything has in over a year. Which is when my face really started to break out. I guess I don't have sensitve skin because I could leave the baking soda on overnight if I wanted too. However it is way too flaky to do that. I usually just leave it on for an hour or two if I have the time. As far as redmarks I havent seen a differ
  12. I'm sorry but I'm calling BS on these "studies" Back when I had mild acne, I was self conscious but I didnt let it affect my life. I went out and did all the regular things I always did. When I got older and started breaking out in severe cystic acne my self esteem went to 0. The OP of this thread has obviously never had severe cystic acne. I know I'm not the only one that this has happended too. Now I agree I find the thoughts about killing yourself because of acne redicolous. But to all those
  13. Hey all this is an interesting thread. I am currently 22 years old and am also considering accutane. I am trying a new regimen that so far has yielded decent results but defiently not good enough. I'll give it another 1-2 months but if it hasnt gotten better I think I'm gonna try accutane. Just like Jiloz My self confidence etc. is at 0. I think I might be slightly depressed as well. Acne is an emotional scar on my mind and I don't care if I ever have perfect skin but I would like to see it impr
  14. HI guys I've been lurking on this site for a few months and I must admit I am not too knowledgeable about my situation so I was looking for a little help. First, I'll tell you my background. I'm a 21 year old male who has only had mild inflamed whiteheads his whole life and even then they would only get really bad when I picked at them. In early January this year I started to get big huge pimples that wouldnt go away. I kept telling myself they would go away but alas they didnt so when I finally