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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently on Accutane first 2months i was on 20mg, now 3rd month on 40mg. I'm a really heavy drinker and party person, Usually on saturday nights my order would be the following; 4 tiquila shots 4 vodka shots 2 rum shots and a beer to carry on with me to the dance floor. I haven't had any problems, I get my blood tested, and the results were fine.. just the first time i drank while on accutane, i broke out.. but it only happenned once
  2. hey matey thanks for the add.

    you're looking all beautiful there ^_^

    congrats and hope you have that awesome skin forever and never have to see a pimple again.

  3. Hey there, I'm a 20 years old, and I just moved to Canada hoping that I'll be having the best time of my life here. just a couple of days before coming here. I started Decutan which is basically Accutane but from a different company. anywhoo after the first week. I started breaking out like never before, I'm on day 18 and currently my face is filled up with acne. just everywhere on my face, I've never experienced such severe breaking out before. I'm very depressed. my friends are going clubing a
  4. It's not only about Acne, Acne results with many more things than appearance. For example. Acne highly affects your personality. how? no matter how good looking you are. once you have acne on your face. Your self-esteem will sink down. You won't be as social as you used to be. high chances you might skip certain occassions. you will avoid confronting certain people. you are likely to say home until the breakouts are over. your mood will be highly affected. what you need to understand is