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  1. what is this.. facebook?

  2. what is this.. facebook?

  3. i've been spending my time on other things, but i keep coming back. i guess that means i'm not doing a good enough job. this is not easy!

  4. don't retire forever! though I don't blame you

  5. i do from time to time, but i think i'm retiring now. i've spent a lot of time doing that, but it's time to spread my wings and fly away. my spirit lives on here.

  6. Your statement still holds true! Why don't you post more and add some excitement to these here parts? Slacker...

  7. pssh, let me spoil it for you... nothing's new, i checked. there you go! you're welcome.

  8. busy trying to catch up on lounge threads! I just can't keep up, I should really go see what's new! kbye

  9. you busy? with what? pretending to be busy? i'll believe it when i see it!

  10. Just alright? I'm good - always too busy but good. Enjoy the movie!

  11. hey hey.. it's going alright i suppose. i'm about to watch pan's labyrinth. how's it going with you?

  12. Hey Mr. Rad, how's it going?

  13. Ouch! Rad, that hurt. That really, really hurt. *in a British accent*

  14. a favor you say?