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  1. i havnt posted on here much but about a year ago i was on here alot... i had mild acne... nothing serious but it was serious to me. It ruined my self confidence and was always in my mind. I used to go to the bathroom almost every chance i got to look in the mirror etc. it was pitifull. I tryed many things.. The first "serious" (not just a face wash etc) acne medication i tryed was 10% BP cream with emu oil. This was before i had even found this site... it was just what a freind reccomended
  2. u could try applying only at night but just washing with 10% in the morning
  3. search online for it.. only certin stores actually carry it in shelves.. it will be a little expensive but if u ask me its worth it at night i use 10% bp... no redness not ichy.. just gets rid of my pimples alot alot faster
  4. just use it instead of your mousturizer at night.. at to be honest if u do have a breakout with emu u can use 3x as much BP without redness... so you can clear it up in days (even overnight)
  5. manuka oil... tee tree oil are some natural substitutes .. seach google for them and try to find the purest ones if your gonna order one Manuka oil is supposively 30x more effective than tee tree and tee tree is supposivly as good as BP but slower acting i dont know ive never tryed them but i also dryed my face out extreemly when i first started... i couldent open my mouth or eat withou it hurting and cracking.. but now i use bp daily and im not even red
  6. in studies tee tree oil worked just as good for fighting acne as 5% bp.. but it worked slower.. manuka oil is supposed to be 30x more effective at fighting bacteria.. bt for some reason i cant find a study where its compaired to BP If you are going to use either use emu oil as well.. the manuka and tee tree oil will not soak into your face as well... emu oil penetrated deep into your face and if applied after one of the first products will carry it deeper. (it also works with BP.. and prevents
  7. dans reg doesnt work for me.. the 2.5 isnt strong enought for my skin.. i used to leave 10% on overnight idk what to try next manuka oil? changing diet? B-5? 5% bp? theres so m any options that i dont stick to one for long enough.. in fear that its not the right one...
  8. i used emu oil acouple nights instead of a moisturizer.. and it is amazing redness was gone... acne is goin away (its only my 1st week on the reg... it could be goin away because of that too... or the emu) but it definitally reduced redness... and i could use alot more bp i recomend it
  9. the next few days i have to work outside in the sun should i follow the rgimen as normal? i was thinking about just washing with 10% pb in the morning then moisturizing and yea i know... sunscreen anyways.. any advice?
  10. im gonna switch once this tube of on the spot is almost gone simply because it seems more cost effective and more people prefer it will there be a smooth transition between the two or will it be like starting the regimin all over again?
  11. nomore

    my log

    day 3 about the same as day 2 a few more small pimples may be gone a few new pimples that were there under the skin when i started im guessing a bit red, nothing serious im going to try emu oil as a moisturizer tonight.. its supposed to help redness
  12. well if you do it right and wash good before and after it should be fine i have the same problem.. except i have to shave or i look like a fool.. if u dont have to i wouldent buy there is a way to do it right... theres acouple of topics on shaving allready
  13. thats exactly what i was thinkin about using