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  1. I just started my 5th month! Only 2 (so 6 total months) to go! My skin definitely started to look better by the 3rd month. My derm said that month 4 was supposed to be the miracle clearing month, but I feel like I looked about the same as month 3, which was pretty clear. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you will be comfortable with your skin by school time so you don't have to worry about that along with all the other new (and you'll find wonderful!) stresses in your life. Take care! You're
  2. The packaging for this stuff is SO annoying! Bending the pack all over the place and trying to get your finger nails in the right spot to pull up the foil. And I don't need a reminder on every hole not to get knocked up! It is a good laugh for others though. I'm female, 5'7, about 130lbs. and also on 80mg a day. My derm started me on 40mg the first month, and then upped it to 80mg the 2nd month and I've been on that dose ever since. I was surprised by the increase, but I'm doing just fine. No
  3. I think once you're in you're in. And I don't think they are worried about you unless you are attempting to fill a prescription. After a certain amount of time of inactivity (I don't know how long, sorry) I imagine you might have to do that initial month where you are "locked out" again, but you should be able to come back without a problem. You should know this could all be wrong info. haha. I'm going off of information that I've already gathered about iPledge. I'm sure you could get more i
  4. Have you ever heard of threading? Basically someone twirls a doubled up thread over the area and it pulls the hair out. It's essentially like plucking but on a wider scale. Try to see if anywhere in your area does that. It's a Middle Eastern technique so try looking for an Indian or Muslim salon near you and see if they offer that. It hurts fairly badly, and it turns my skin red for a few hours but the result is fantastic. And it doesn't tear your skin. Good luck! And congrats on getting married
  5. Uhh, plus I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to do anything that would put you at risk for a broken bone, since isotrenitoin can weaken your bones. Be CAREFUL!!!
  6. Try mineral makeup out. It's really gentle and non-irritating for your skin. I use Bare Minerals. I REALLY like it! Even if you pile it on to cover something up, it doesn't look like you piled it on like liquid and cream foundations do. The key with mineral makeup is matching it to your skin tone! Otherwise you get this weird sheeny, sparkly look that just highlights any breakouts. So, make sure you try on a few or mix them together to get the perfect tone.
  7. Accutane is some serious stuff. I would just let it do it's thing without mixing more than food and some vitamins with it. And remember your IB may very well be just your pores pushing out all the lovely gunk we love so much!
  8. MAC makeup is not non-comedogenic. I myself can't use MAC. Which is such a bummer, it works so well! Take a visit to a Sephora if you have one near you. There is a huge amount of makeup to choose from that can be good for your skin. The selection can be a little overwhelming, so browse online first and get an idea of what you think might work for you, (oil-free, non-comedogenic, etc), then you can just go straight to it in the store and try it on.
  9. Hey there! Im a flight attendant, so I know about your airplane concerns! ANY container you bring in a carry-on bag that contains a liquid, cream or gel has to be in a 3oz, or less, container. You can have as many 3oz (or less) containers that you can fit in one quart sized plastic baggie. That's it. Anything else will be thrown away in the security line. You can CHECK as much liquid or gel as you want. So, if your Cetaphil or Aquaphor container is too big, just buy a couple little trave
  10. I use Differin and Duac as well. I was told by my derm to apply Duac twice a day. And that I should go easy on the Differin at first because it can be a bit harsh. My derm told me to apply the Differin every other night until I grew accustom to it. In the morning, I always use Duac. I use either Duac or Differin at night. I do not mix them. I have very sensitive skin, so I don't think I ever will mix them. I wash my face, and pat dry VERY gently. (this makes a unbelievable difference in redn