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  1. I haven't washed my face since mid October with anything other than water. After a month my skin was no longer oily, then all the blackheads on my nose (like every pore) vanished... My skin feels soft and has a natural glow to it, first time since I hit puberty. o.0 Still break out, just as much as I did washing it twice daily though.
  2. I'm no doctor... but this is like saying a drunk shouldn't get a woman pregnant because it would result in birth defects. That's just not how it works. =/
  3. Putting a towel over your face will result in a pasty face/orange body combo. It'll look weird, to say the least. Skip the tanning and stay pale. Nobody wants to look like a crinkled brown paper bag when they're old anyway. Not to mention tanning beds are worse than the Sun. At least you can get vitamin D outside.
  4. Unfortunately time is the best solution to red marks. AHA might make it go a bit faster, but it'll probably take months regardless. D:
  5. I'm worried about this too. I'm stick thin and desperately trying to gain weight and hopefully niacin won't be a problem. =/ I started taking 500mg of inositol hexaniacinate (flush free kind) at dinner two days ago (Monday) and nothing drastic has happened. There isn't much for inflammation at the moment, but red marks galore. I did break out on Sunday in some nice large papules but they've since mostly gone down/gone kablooie. I got a couple new papules last night one of which became a'splodab
  6. I have been using Stievamycin (mild) on and off for nearly four years. It worked pretty good and mostly cleared up my acne each time. I found it to be extremely drying at first, but considering the elevation I live at, the dry air may have made it worse than it really should have been. It also made me shed skin into little flakey snowstorms all over my shirts each bloody day. It always went away after a few weeks though. I have since moved on to stronger shit (Retin A Micro, oh the joy.)
  7. Even the mild stuff is highly drying for me. It also doesn't help that I live a mile above sea level and the air is bone dry.
  8. I don't know, I'm not a dermatologist. The Stievamycin has always kept the acne at bay, but never done anything else with skin tone evening and scar fading which is I guess what the Retisol-A is for since it has a much higher percentage of tretinoin in it. I'm guessing it is just a way to increase the tretinoin without changing the meds, since the Stievamycin has always worked for me.
  9. I've been on Stievamycin mild gel on and off for years (at night) and I've always put sunscreen on in the morning since to protect my pale face. Just recently I've been put on Retisol-A as well, applied in the morning, so I'm confused as to whether or not I can put sunscreen over top of it without interfering with it... I've heard that Retisol-A might have SPF in it, if anybody can confirm this then I guess I don't need any sunscreen. Stievamycin has always given me this splotchy light tan whic