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  1. Considering the treatments I had I never could have traveled for at least a week after the procedure. The current face mask mandate actually works in your favor. Everything depends on what procedure you are having done.
  2. Shei514, your scarring is very similar to what I had. People always bug me about posting before pictures because my before pictures would be from over 50 years ago, and there were no cell phones and nobody was taking selfies. You can see by my signature line all the treatments I had done. One thing I would ask you is what were your Ultrapulse settings. Ultrapulse is made by Luminis which also makes the DeepFX. I can't believe that most people have no idea at what level they are being treate
  3. Come back and talk to me when you wait 40 year for any hope.
  4. MichelaP, I gave you the reason I refuse to post pictures that are not good and do not show my scarring, what about that do you not understand. I gave you my personal story because who in the world would go through that pain for nothing. You have no idea the hell I went through for 40 years and you come on here calling me a liar. Acne scars destroyed my life starting about 12-13. Can I go back and retake pictures from 40 years ago. You have all these treatment options that did not even exis
  5. @mihaelaP , Did you read my list of treatments? The pictures I do have do not even come close to how bad the actual scars were. I really do not give a crap if you believe me or not. You are calling me a Liar and I don't appreciate it one bit. Do you have the slightest concept about how hard it is to treat burn scars? I have been around here since 2008, and I sure as heck don't give a damn what you think. I went through 30 years where the only treatment was Dermabrasion. I had Dermabrasion
  6. MihaelaP, I don't have any before pictures to show the extent of my scars. I tried to take pictures with my 35mm camera, but just didn't show what I wanted them to show. I had some pretty intense treatments, including Dermabrasion, full face CO2, and finally 5 Fraxel Repairs done at maximum settings of 70 mj. I doubt that you will find a doctor that would treat you at that level - fear of lawsuits. When I had my first Repair there was only about 10 machines in the whole country. What sold m
  7. Your case is minimal to many of us. I probably have 70% improvement from my 5 Fraxel Repairs. I don't really see that you are at the point where you need to step up to the fractionalized CO2 laser. Each time I was treated at the maximum settings, and the first time my face was so swollen that I looked like a 500 pound man. Treating at a lower intensity like 30-40 Mj yields no results.
  8. Speaking as one who has done Dermabrasion -NO - NO - NO!!! I had no improvement and lots of scabbing and pain. Also don't waste your money on full face CO2 laser, not as much pain, but then again no improvement. Read the forum good before you do anything. Have you ever tried to sand a piece of wood because it had a dent in it - Good luck. I believe scars are best treated from the bottom up, hence the popularity of subscision or even fillers. Basically if you have any depth to your scars yo
  9. Apprehension is natural since you have already put your trust in Facialists and they failed you. Begin with the least intrusive treatments first, and then progress in intensity until something works for you. I am an advocate off lasers, and still I believe they should remain as your final option because if done at the proper levels they are quite intense. Please contact me before you do any laser because most doctors will try to sell you non-ablative lasers and they are worthless. You will g
  10. Re:pair if done at the proper settings is pretty serious stuff. I will be attacked for suggesting it. There is much anti laser bias on this forum, and most of them know nothing about lasers. I cannot speak to the efficacy of other treatments so I remain quiet about them. I only know that Fraxel Repair is the only thing that worked for me. The big question for me is if your scars require such a serious treatment. A neighbor of mine has much worse scarring that you, but he is so dynamic that
  11. Can we assume the top picture is a before picture? For most of us your scars would be considered minimal. You are good looking so almost everyone would ignore what seems to be so terrible to you. That is coming from a guys perspective. I lived with a girl who I still call the sexiest girl I ever met even though I saw more beautiful women who had perfect skin. She also had very minimal scars like you. I know what would satisfy you, but what I suggest has become frowned upon by most on this f
  12. WOW, this post is legendary. It has been around almost as long as I have. Everybody was talking about Ernesto back then. I am happy to see he is still doing great. He is an Acne Scar Legend.
  13. If you are talking about a straight ablative laser you are correct. It simply cannot go deep enough to take care of anything but the most superficial scarring. The same is true of dermabration. The problem on here is that people do not do their homework and are not specific enough about what they had done. The fact that you had 6 procedures shows that you were persistent, which is great, but you may have hooked your wagon to the wrong horse. My technology is now dated, and I am not here to
  14. OK, I seldom post anymore, but the fully ablative laser drew my interest. I will take you back to the dark ages about 1996 when I had the fully ablative laser done. I got no noticeable results. I also had 5 Fraxel Repairs, an fractionalized ablative CO2 laser done from 2008 to 2011 with good results. I know everybody hates lasers on this forum, but it worked for me. The key is you must do it at maximum settings, and you must do it multiple times. The problem is few doctors will crank up th
  15. My best response to your post would be the results from 2 non-acne scars that all but disappeared after my first Fraxel Repair in 2008. Those 2 scars were my indication that the laser had worked. On general acne scarring the improvement was too subtle for me to be able to point to results. It was only after subsequent procedures that the subtle results where more obvious. I know of Very, Very few people who ever followed the protocol I used. Most do not know the difference between Ablative