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  1. My best response to your post would be the results from 2 non-acne scars that all but disappeared after my first Fraxel Repair in 2008. Those 2 scars were my indication that the laser had worked. On general acne scarring the improvement was too subtle for me to be able to point to results. It was only after subsequent procedures that the subtle results where more obvious. I know of Very, Very few people who ever followed the protocol I used. Most do not know the difference between Ablative
  2. They are really pushing the Light Theraphy Mask. I don't think much about it, but I haven't been following the science either. What are your opinions?
  3. You probably will not get many responses to your post since almost everybody on here is younger. I followed a similar path as you with dermabrasion at age 18 with little success, and then full ablative CO2 at age50 with little success. At age 62 I had my first of 5 Fractional Ablative CO2 Fraxel Repair, and saw my first real success. My last Repair was in 2011 so I am woefully behind on any new methods since then. I post very infrequently, and frankly much of what you speak of is beyond me,
  4. I had regular CO2 done back around 1996, and found it useless - the same for dermabrasion. Are you talking about fractionalized ablative CO2? My recovery time was about 2 weeks for my first treatment. Subsequent treatments only took about a week.
  5. Desperation can drive a person to do unwise things, and cause more damage than good. I would stick with a doctor on this. I took my treatments to the limit, but I would not do this. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352241015000444
  6. Obi wan do you remember the triplets that were burned in a fire and were treated with Deep FX with very good results. It would be nice to see a follow up on their case. Also do you remember Eduardo who had very severe scarring and was achieving good results with a combination of treatments? You may be right, I might have been the perfect patient when I had it done. My interest has moved on to Plastic Surgery now so my next time visiting here will probably be around March or so a few months a
  7. BeautifulAmbition, Plastic Surgery at a young age should be reserved for procedures like Rhinoplasty. I am much older than everyone here so I have a combination of reasons for PS which include my final journey with acne scars and aging. I am so vocal about Fraxel Repair because I believe it saved my life. As I said before I doubt people will find any doctor willing to treat patients at the level I was treated at, and that makes all the difference in the world. My Link-O-Rama has too many dea
  8. This true and that is why I am going for a facelift in January. That is also why I posted links on another thread about facelifts. Many younger people on here do not realize that they may someday be doing the same thing.
  9. tryinghard123, just saying you did laser means nothing because if you didn't do Fractional Ablative CO2 you will not see results. I have been in this war a long time, and Fraxel Repair is the ONLY thing that ever helped me.
  10. I am a huge advocate of Fraxel Repair, but it must be done at a high megajoule. You are talking about actual ablation versus RF. Don't listen to any reviews of Fraxel unless the reviewer says Fraxel Repair. Only Fraxel Repair works, and what most people call Fraxel is not actually Fraxel Repair, but Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Dual. I am not impressed at all by what I read about Fractora.
  11. Usherer, do not do anything but Fraxel Repair - Restore and Dual are useless and a huge wast of time and money. I was scheduled to get restore and then the Plastic Surgeon came back in the room and told me that it would not work for me. Desperation can lead you to do things you will regret later. If you are not going to do Fraxel Repair then don't do any other Fraxel treatments!!
  12. I am much older than TryingHard123, at age 71. I am scheduling a facelift with Dr. Lev in Costa Rica in January. https://www.realself.com/find/Costa-Rica/Costa-Rica/Plastic-Surgeon/Alejandro-Lev https://eternallyvain.com/ With that said, plastic surgery is generally not the best option for acne scars. I am doing this as the final touch after my success with Fraxel Repair. If I had not had that success I would probably not be doing Plastic Surgery except for aging. The old Plastic Surgery of