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    Life, health, family, Islam, holy qur'an - the greatest book ever to be sent down by GOD - unchanged word of GOD.<br /><br />Islam is not only a religion, it is a WAY of life.<br /><br />Some good videos for you to check out:<br /><br />Does GOD exist? http://youtube.com/watch?v=nFmKZb7I8hg<br />What is Islam? http://youtube.com/watch?v=kEudC3gYQ3k<br />The purpose of life http://youtube.com/watch?v=tyoVRBXSxJM<br />Former christian - who was Jesus christ? http://youtube.com/watch?v=IY95lfigBvI<br />Brother accept islam http://youtube.com/watch?v=25F08YOthOk
  1. Cool seems like some of us have really sensitive skin. Whenever I stop washing my face my acne clears up and my skin heals very quickly, after a week I just wash my face while in the shower without touching my face, and it looks smooth afterwards!
  2. Congrats on curing your acne I'd like to say some people will never cure their acne because they don't know what is causing it, it's actually an internal problem for some. Keep using your creams - they are just temporary. But the ones who will cause it are the ones who will experiment and actually THINK, in terms of diet and lifestyle, i'm OUT. ONE!
  3. I have black hair and brown eyes and happy with what GOD has given me.
  4. Yes it is, my skin got oily too but don't worry about it, I just kept thinking the skin is healing, which it did.
  5. I'm with Waterwater on this one, it's working very well so far for me. I started doing this 3 days ago, my skin looks better. It has a natural glow and the redness has faded away and is still doing so, couple of whiteheads I had are healing very quickly than before. I have learnt the oils are beneficial on my face. If i'm going to wash my face ever again, I will use just lukewarm water; no other cleanser, facewash or any other bs crap. So the bottom line is that washing your face too much t
  6. For those who are in denial, why don't you wankers try out the diet and experiment? Your acne will never go, it's internal, you have to change your eating habits and stop eating JUNK. THEREALCURE ftw!
  7. I agree with THEREALCURE, he knows what causes acne, and you better believe that masturbation DOES cause acne for some people, if you have acne quit masturbation and see what happens. Anyway I just wanted to say atleast THEREALCURE has cured his acne, and I rate him but finding out what causes it and he has killed acne off the scene, so props to him.