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  1. So I went to my little store, and looked at all the products for AHA, rarely any had any. And if they did they also had BHA's. Anyway I found a really good site while doing research, unfortunately I lost the link, however it taught me about how scientists have ruined certain AHA's by trying to concentrate them to make it work faster. They are called BHA's and in the long run are actually bad for you. Anyway, it told me to not use a prodcut higher than 10% in AHA, and no less than a ph of 3.5. So
  2. my exfoliater has salicylic acid which i always thought was bad for redness, am I wrong on that?
  3. I got some vitamin E oil, does it work for red spots? And I also got amlactin which has aha in it, i'm trying to see if aha works for red spots too. But futhermore, i keep hearing the world exfoliate. Does that mean I should be using exfoliators? I have one clean clear exfoliator, and it seems kidna harsh on my skin. I've had these red spots for a while, like a really long time, I mean I've been to iraq, so the sun i think has a lot to do with it, and i never wore sun screen, what is the exact t
  4. I've been using Vitamin E oil for about 2 weeks, and although I can see some Improvement with my scarring and redness, I wonder if amlactin is better. Some doc gave me some for my KP, and I was wondering if it would work well on the face, better than Vitamin E or maybe even better WITH vitamin E any people with expirience would be appreciated.
  5. Broseph, I can tell you from expirience you don't really want to eff with vitamins, and tamper with their apparent benefits by od'ing on 'em. Trust me, just take a multivitamin daily, and maybe some omega-3 pills, don't od on vitamins intentionally......ever. Espescially vitamin a. However, if you are looking for treatment similar to accutane, look into the pantothetic acid plan (Vitamin b5), which totally contradicts what I wrote above, but some people are desperate, I know. It require a lot
  6. 60 mg a day can't be right, you can buy it in increments of 600 at gnc.
  7. Alright I took the spit test for Candida, and my spit floats like the bubbly part. But there are chunks for like clearish gray that sink down, but I think it's just like denser saliva because I breathe through my mouth. I'm starting to think I have it because I've had a mild case of athletes foot for years and I just recently got diagnosed with asthma.
  8. I used it for a long time, about 5 months. It got pretty cleared up, and discontinued it, my shit came back about 3 months later. If you're high dosing it, you need to gradually discontinue it. I totally just cold turkeyed it and I think that was a bad decision. Remember if you're in the sun to apply Sunscreen this stuff will dry the hell outta your face.
  9. I'm sure this question has been asked before, however I was unable to find a satisfactory answer. I have heard that this ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) Is an extraordinary anti detoxant, so I purchased some. I'm just curious as to what the daily dosages should be. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Dude, I know how you feel, I still got it bad, but I honestly don't care. You gotta understand if people aren't going to talk to you, or be your friend, or like you over some pimples on your face. They're not worth your time. Listen, honestly dude, the trick is to be an asshole and not care. I know this isn't what you want to hear, and it's so much easier said than done, but just walk around like you're the shit. Honestly. Confidence is the key...........everyday you walk outside, play this imag
  11. Anyone ever heard of avita? I've never heard of it until my Doc was all like yea try it, just stick with it. It's similar to bp, like the stages and applying, (purging, redness, and how the skins absorbs it) I've been using it almost a week now, and it's really worth a look into. Rx only unfortunately.
  12. Has anyone tried the treatment in which you massively overdose on Pantothetic Acid? It's effects are quite similar to the ones with people taking accutane.
  13. Well a lot on my jawline and neck area, I'd say about 5 or 6. It's interesting because a lot of pimples from before will entirely disappear but a whitehead right next to it will reappear. I lose one but gain another, I can't figure it out.
  14. My skin does get fairly dry, I don't think enough to hurt my skin though. I use a basic bar with NOTS and Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 15. I'm a Marine so I'm in the Sun constantly is that a bad thing?
  15. The main thing I'm concerned about is the cysts. Is that normal, a lot of 'em started forming on my jawline as soon as I started the DKR.