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  1. Thanks indoorkid, Have you settled on a moisturizer that woks well, Because I went out today and I was forced to rinse off the BP and moisturizer because it just looked and felt way to greasy. Do you think I could just apply BP during the day and stick out the dryness or look for a new product?
  2. Hi, ive been on the regimen for about 2 full days now and I'm currently using Cetaphil moisturizer and it seems to be really oily, it says non-comedogenic, but it doesn't say non-oily. I was wondering if anyone else has any problems with Cetaphil moisturizer. As well as is too much moisturizer a bad thing. Any ideas would be very helpful
  3. Yeah, I think I'll try out his regimen for a while first before i start changing things up, thanks though.
  4. Oh really? I thought the whole purpose of the regimen was to leave the BP on!?
  5. Awesome, thanks a lot. Although i don't think its the BP that is heavy, I think i just used a little too much moisturizer. Is a full pump too much for the first while?
  6. Thanks, I just started the Regimen today. I used as much BP and he said to use during the first while and it didn't seem to be enough. Like when i tried gently moving it around my fingers felt like they were kind of sticking to my skin especially around my cheek area, and after when I moisturize It feels really thick. I'm using Cetaphil. Any Ideas would be awesome
  7. I couldn't find any 2.5% BP and was wondering if 5% would be ok to use