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  1. I think she cauterized it. I had scab which fell off. The sebaceous hyperplasia looked smaller, but still present. There looked to be a piece of dead skin in middle of the pore on the sebaceous hyperplasia. It wouldn't go away so I pushed on it lightly. Something popped out of it... a small white ball! Very smooth and almost egg shaped. My sebaceous hyperplasia is gone it seems, it's flat. It bled and there seems to be a hole... not sure this just happened. I put rosehip oil on it
  2. My pores get clogged and when I push on them, something that resembles a white cheesy string comes out. I can push stuff out all over my face daily. I get it out, and it comes back. I'm always extracting - almost addicted to it. I take care of my skin, but it doesn't seem to change anything. Anyway, what is this condition I have? it's not a pimple, whitehead, or blackhead... so? Do you get these?
  3. Like some of you, I got a chemical peel that left my skin looking awful - looks like an orange peel. My pores became more exposed. It has been over 2 years and nothing has changed. Has anyone been through this and found a resolution?
  4. Will this work: http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDet...0007%20cat90026
  5. can you see your pores over your whole face like I can? if I take two mirrors and check out the side of my face (not just the balls of my cheeks), I can see pores everywhere. You too?
  6. My dark areas arent from acne, but I was wondering if Vitamin C helps lighten the skin?
  7. Jess, have you ever had a salicylic peel?
  8. bump come on, does anyone know? What about with photofacial?
  9. If getting smoothbeam treatments, is it ok to be using retin-a?
  10. How about Retinoids? Tretnoids? All the same? I want to use a Retin-a... what I have are two things. One says Retinol.. the other says it has Retinoic Acid in it. Either a Retin-a?
  11. My doctor gave me this cream with a bunch of stiff in it including Retin. I am using it for my pores. My pores were once invisible, but due to a peel I had, my pores are showing causing of a bad texture to my skin. Anyway, I am on day 3. When did you guys see a difference for what you were using it for?
  12. My pores are larger in appearance than they once were due to a sallacylic acid peel. I have been doing smoothbeam to help it out. The Dr. who recommended smoothbeam to me also said to try microdermabrasoin.. ... But I once read on here that it could make your pores bigger too. What do you guys know about this?