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  1. Hey - I use Duac now. I have been on it for a few months. It worked great for me! I was actually able to go off the oral antibiotic because the Duac worked so well. I was using it at night, but now I switched to the morning and have Retin-A at night. Good luck on the treatment!
  2. Hi everyone, Thank you for your responses. I decided to go on the Minocycline (100mg, 2x day) and Duac (evening) instead of the Accutane. I have a follow-up appt in August, when I will re-evaluate the situation (I have been on the minocycline and duac for about 2.5 weeks and my skin is less inflammed, but still really breaking out). I am really hoping that the antibiotic will work! I do understand that the drug does leave your system shortly after your last dose. I think I would just be a
  3. Hello, I have been given the OK for Accutane! This will be my second treatment (first one was 10 years ago - it worked until recently). But now that I am older, married and nearing 30, I am also interested in having a family. It seems like the best route is to get acne under control before getting pregnant. So I am concidering Accutane again. If I do Accutane, I would want to start a family shortly afterwards. My doctor said it was alright to get pregnant one month after stopping treatmen
  4. Hey, I was wondering if anyone else out there experienced this. My doc has me on Septra and Erygel (95% alcohol). I used the gel for 2 weeks and got 10 cystic pimples. I stopped two days ago and have not developed a new one since. I am going to call the doctor and see what he says, but I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. Thanks, Alicia
  5. Septra DS has a generic version - I am on it.
  6. Hey! I am sorry that you are struggling! Just know that there are many people here with the same story. I am 28 and had horrible acne in h/s. I went on Accutane at 18 and it cleared up until a few months ago. Now it is back with a vegance. I have about 10 cysts or nodules on my chin. I am on Septra oral antibiotic and erygel (erythromycin (antibiotic) gel). I am like you...married and considering kids, so Accutane is not an option right now. Both medicines I am on are OK if I become pre
  7. Hey, I have both inflammed and non-inflammed acne. I do use a lot of Paula's Choice products. If you go with the BHA, then I would say the 2% in liquid form is the way to go (the gel is too sticky and the lotion can clog your pores). I have been using it...I think it helps a little.
  8. I have heard many people say that Bactrim (Septra) are a strong antibiotic and one of the last resorts prior to Accutane.
  9. Hi, My doctor prescribed topical erythromycin gel (along with Septra anitbiotics). I am prescribed to use the gel twice a day. But when I put it on my skin and it dries, it seems to ball up. So if I need to touch my face, or change my shirt, or anything...the gel balls up and peels off. I don't believe how well this can be working if it isn't sinking into my skin. I have only been on it a week. Any advice would be greatly appriciated! Thanks, Alicia
  10. Happy birthday !!! thanks for the photo comment !!! enjoy ur day =] u are beautiful!!!

  11. I am 27...turning 28 on Monday