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  1. Thanks for the info and advice so I know what I'm dealing with. I've seen the word before. Just never knew what it was. I glad someone gave me the heads up. I'll be 23 next month and had it occur since I was 12 when I started shaving. I'm hoping luck is on my side.... Oh have your tried any vitamin E on the scarring? I understand it helps alot. May not get rid of it, but may lighten it up a bit. ive also had it since i was 12, when i started shaving.Now it's all gone, the inflammation i me
  2. try Zynerit, it helps me get rid of my few acne spots over night.I'm :wub: with it :)
  3. it could also be folliculitis, research on that one too, it might help:)
  4. Same here, i'm going nuts over trying to get rid of them, the thing that works best is tanning and exfoliating. It's the marks left from folliculitis, ugly , ugly skin disease.
  5. Hey, this is what i used to have back in my teens (now i have marks left on my thighs because of it), it's called folliculitis, there's a tone of research and posts about it in the forums, i suggest you read them all. If it goes away then you're lucky, it means your skin is healing, most of us have it for years and years.Try to take care of it now, so it doesn't become infected.Otherwise i'd advise you to figure out other method of shaving, razors are too harsh for the skin. Good luck!
  6. after having finished this treatment along with taking oral nizoral (ketokonazole) for the past 10 days i can say that my folliculitis is gone now (no more new lesions, inflamed spots and so on), the only thing remaining to get rid of is the annoying brown scars left behind. I'm still using fucidin for the upcoming week and i'll be going to the seaside to tan a bit so that the scars become less visible. It seems that i had fungal folliculitis as it responded quite well to the treatment. I've bee
  7. I've just been to the derm today as i got sick and tired of trying to find out a treatment for folliculitis myself.Just like most of you guys in here, i've diagnosed myself with the help of all the info and pictures i found on the internet.So the derm told me that what i have is some kind of folliculitis, but i need to take some further tests to see if it's yeast, fungus or bacteria induced. These tests i'm going to take the next week, until then i've been given a treatment and some tips which
  8. Guys, if it's of any help at all... i was in love with guys no matter how they looked like.I've liked guys with acne, bald or long haired, with or without glasses, tall and short, really, it's jut a matter of attitude.The only type of men i don't like is the one that lacks confidence so much that it makes me feel unconformable.Attitude is the friggin' key! Stop thinking it's your skin, i swear to you that i never ever realized that my last crush had acne until a mutual friend of mine asked me "D
  9. This is interesting, on my bottle of moisturiser, the propylene glycol ingredient is the second one in the list.This is how the packaging looks like I hope we're talking about the same product here. Yeah that's the one, my bad, the website i looked at must not have listed it properly! Anyways, i've had some pure propylene glycol arrive this morning, mixed it with 50% water and sprayed it on the areas, do i leave it on or wash it off after a while??! i leave the cream on, alway
  10. This is interesting, on my bottle of moisturiser, the propylene glycol ingredient is the second one in the list.This is how the packaging looks like http://www.blushingbuyer.co.uk/product_ima...e;Warehouse.jpg I hope we're talking about the same product here.
  11. Read my reply on "Folliculites ruined my faith in GOD" thread.
  12. Dear Mike, keep the faith in whatever you used to believe in, weather it was yourself or God, because there is a way to get rid of folliculites. I too used to suffer from it and now i'm recovering.I've tried everything i've read around here but nothing has helped me as much as Propylene Glycol.I used the moisturizing cream from Johnson&Johnson's Clear Skin Products, called "Dual Action Moisturiser", you can find it on their website.I swear by it, it cleared my legs beautifully in a matte
  13. Therealcure, thanks for your thread, i think it's exactly what i need now ! I'm starting this regimen today so wish me luck!I'm so willing to clear my body of all those damn toxins and feel fresh and healthy .Do you think you can post a list of your daily routine?what is it that you eat, what supplements you take and everything else you do to keep yourself healthy Thanks again and take care! PS:i already visited Dr. Mercola's site and i found a lot of interesting info over there