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  1. You gotta spread it out, ideally 4 times a day taking your dosage. See b5 is water soluble (god I know I spelled that wrong). So in other words, you piss out what your body doesn't have the time to process. if you take it all at once, your body will use some yeah, but the rest will just turn to waste. By spreading it out, your body has more time to process the smaller doses and less of it ends up in your toilet. I won't lie, I tried b5 for 2 months and it did jack-shit. Maybe I shoulda h
  2. I've tried both and the only real difference I've noticed is dans is cheaper and absorbs better. Other than that, the results seem the same.
  3. Well I tried this a couple months ago to no avail, but now I decided to retry it and 1 day I'm already noticing less oil. I think I had problem before cuz I was still on BP and SA facewashes. I dunno how that would affect it lol, but it's my only theory.
  4. BTW I LOVE SPIRITED AWAY!!!!! haha thought I wouldn't notice that poster huh?
  5. yeah I know how you feel, I'm soo close to being clear as well, but nothing seems to stop this last persistent bunch. Are you exfoliating? Dan reccomends a moisturizer with AHA in it so you may want to try it if you're not already.
  6. Well looking at the picture it isn't too bad (I know, I would think it was much worse if I had it). Until you get to the doctor, just try and be really gentle, extra moisturizer, sunblock, no scrubs and such. From the looks of it I think time is going to be the best medicine (as you said, you scratched it and nothing came off). Anyways, good luck.
  7. Actually most people get all the supplies for the regimen online. There are many helpful links on the main page that will show you where to find everything.
  8. Baking soda acts as an exfoliant, like SA only milder
  9. Take it youve used it then......well thanks for the advice..... anyone else tried it that you know? ←
  10. How long have you been using the Eucerin for? Since it has AHA you might still need to get used to it! Keep at it for a couple more weeks and the redness and irritation should subside. Also, try waiting 15 minutes after applying the BP as instructed in the regimen. I dunno if that will help any but i guess anything is worth a shot right?
  11. Wow, I don't know if you've compared your first picture in this thread with your last one, but GOD DAMN is it getting better! So much improvement, and pretty soon you'll be 100% clear! I can't wait to check this thread again when you're all finished.