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  1. Correct. They should be. However, when taking antioxidants, best absorption occurs on an empty stomach. For that reason, I take them before breakfast. Yes, some of the vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K) are fat soluble and present in the multi vitamin - therefore they do require complimentary foods/nutrients for them to bond with. I tend to eat the eggs immediately after taking the vitamins and antioxidants. I should have clarified that. I take it before breakfast, instead of after.
  2. I always look at the top ranked @ buzillions.com. I have used both of these and found them both to be extremely effective. I don't really notice a difference in effectiveness between the two, so I would say either one of these. Both are pricey but contain the optimal EPA and DHA levels. You do not want to use cheap fish oil because they likely have less then optimal levels, and also are obtained through larger fish which are alive longer, thus exposed to more toxins and heavy metals. Recommend
  3. I actually found a way to control my acne with a somewhat simplistic regimen containing supplements and natural foods. Here is what I do, in the exact order. Before Breakfast: Supplements: I like to flood my body with vitamins and antioxidants on an empty stomach Multi Vitamin - My favorite is: http://www.amazon.com/Foods-Adam-Superior-...mp;sr=8-1-spell http://www.buzzillions.com/reviews/men-now...60-tabs-reviews Antioxidant - My favorite is: http://www.marketamerica.com/storeitems Buzzil
  4. hahaha yeaaa Greek girls are hairy, but Greeeek girls are beauuuuutiful... hairy, acne or no acne. I am American - Irish/Native American
  5. Most girls like to chase, not be chased. Give it time, and stay out the friend zone.
  6. Yeah! I was defiantly immature, and probably was karma! Thanks for the replies. Thanks PrznKing I love you're culture, especially Joojeh Kabob - The area I live, is pretty much dominated by Persians (Northern VA-DC)...I have noticed Persian parents are very strict, at least the girls(I dont know if this is generally true), and they LOVE to party... around here, you go to a club and its like 85% Persian. So maen ashegh e irani yam! lol But, I have grown from this experience, so I am in a w
  7. I had met this girl my junior year in High School, I am now a Junior in college. She was very pretty Persian girl, but not so much my type (I am attracted to Greek girls / Greek Culture). lol, I am picky. She had the biggest crush on me, she was a year younger. I never really wanted a relationship with her, and always went for the "hottest girl." (who ended up cheating on me).... but I ended up becoming her best friend, and finally a year later realized I had a perfect girl, who loved me more th