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  1. So I just took my first dose of Niacin 500mg by TwinLab and I gotta admit that the "flush" sensation is intense. I've never experienced anything like it so I did panic for a bit. My skin became itchy, hot, and had a raw feel to it. Also, i could literally feel my face throbbing as blood was rushing to my head. After about an hour and a half the intensity has subsided but I can still feel warmth throughout my entire body. Is this similar to what you or any others have experienced with Niacin or
  2. Desitin Diaper Rash Cream (40% zinc oxide) works miracles on red marks and I'm sure it''ll help out in your case
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    It shouldnt be harmful to use unless you're allergic to AVC...test it out on a single spot or area on your face before you start smearing it all over the place...as for using ACV with baking soda thats only done to balance the skin's pH level.
  5. Cool, i too am on the B5 regimen. Im currently on 20grams a day along with some B Complex-50 and 100mg of zinc. Its been about 3 weeks now and the worst breakout of my life subsided pretty quickly once I started taking the B5. Somedays I wake up with no new whiteheads and others with one or two but nothing serious. My face has cleared up and some of the redness has faded significantly so Im pretty sure its working. Hopefully it wont be long before im 100% clear. Stick to it. Best Of Luck!
  6. Ive experimented with about all the masks there are and personally egg white did nothing for me. Out of all of the masks Ive tried baking soda was the one that showed the most significant results. Give it a try! Best Of Luck
  7. Well alcohol depletes you of zinc which maintains your skin healthy and your immune system strong so i would say that they are directly related.
  8. Hey Miguel! Welcome to acne.org...i used to live in houston but I never went to a derm so I cant help you there...but I hope you find the help you need. Good Luck!
  9. Aloe vera gel! Everytime I pop a pimple I apply some aloe vera gel to help reduce the redness and prevent scarring. Works every time.
  10. Wtf!? No metalheads wit acne or wat? Mark The Lines - Veil Of Maya!
  11. haha i know exactly wat u mean...ive pretty much learned to avoid my reflection in the sideview mirror whenever riding passenger in a car lol...kinda sad but I know that itll soon go away.
  12. Thats exactly what I do, I mix aloe vera gel with TTO and it works great so far. As far as the aloe vera gel I would recommend either Fruit of the Earth of Lily of the Desert since they're almost 100% organic. I was comparing the ingredients in the CVS Aloe Vera to FOTE and they're similar even though the CVS one has a few others. I also read somewhere on this site that hydrogen peroxide is not good for your face so I dont recomment the CVS Aloe Vera...but who knows.
  13. I got the TTO and Jojoba at a store.

  14. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Did you buy the tea tree oil & aloe at a store, or online?

    Thanks again

  15. My regimen is pretty simple. First I open my pores with warm/hot water for a bit, then I cleanse using a natural soap (Tom's something..cant remember), afterwards i mix aloe vera gel (FOTE or Lily of the desert) with about 8-12 drops of Tea Tree Oil. I smear all over my face and let it dry. And thats it. I do this about 2-3 times a day depending on if i sweat or anything like that. Oh and I mo