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  1. wanted to follow up..went to the dermatologist, and she did say these were closed comedones. and that there isn't really a cure that it might just be how my skin is..not good news! She said that they usually prescribe topicals like Differin and Tazorac, which would always cause massive breakouts. I don't need a huge initial breakout. Also suggested PDT, which I did have done 4 years ago. I think it helped temporarily, but of course it came back. I'd consider it more if insurance covered it, I j
  2. at 25, I can now say I've been dealing with acne for over half my life..which isn't fun, but I'm really glad there are communities like this who may be able to help! my face has two major issues right now: all these tiny bumps. forehead especially, from temple to temple, some behind my ears, chin line, nose, cheeks..though cheeks also have this thing where they look like the tiny bumps, but the skin is smooth. the color of them kind of changes..sometimes they are a pale pink, other times an ang
  3. I'm only 24 but I swear years of topical acne products have prematurely aged my sin a bit, especially around the eyes. So I'm hoping someone might have a recommendation for an anti-wrinkle cream/treatment/ANYTHING that's effective and safe for acne-prone skin. thanks so much
  4. thank you so much! I finally heard from the doctor, and I will wash my hands 100s of times a day and keep going with the medications. I'll also see a GI doctor to follow up soon after I get back (and my dad will make calls if I need it lol!) weird, WEIRD question. my roomies just got us a kitten (about 3months old now). theres no way it can spread to the cat right? cause he's just a baby now!
  5. has anyone here had this/know how contagious I might be? I got this *most likely* from taking Cipro--not acne related, ironically, for bad GI symptoms and obviously the C diff didn't improve them! I'm 4 days into my 10 day course of Flagyl. I have classes starting Wednesday. I'm SUPPOSED to fly across country from California to New York tomorrow. questions are: am I safe to be around so many people in the airport/plane? my roommates in New York are REALLY concerned about catching this--should I
  6. I'm getting ready to move to NYC at the end of may. I need suggestions on good estheticians or dermatologists.. thanks!!!
  7. I take 90mg OptiZinc a day which I think is great. but warning, don't make the mistake of taking it on an empty stomach like I did the other morning... I swear it was like having fireworks go off in my tummy, at which point, all my insides up and left me haha ouch. then I climbed into bed and was unable to move. terrible. so yeah. TAKE WITH FOOD.
  8. Oh right on:) My aunt /uncle live in Tiburon, some cousins live downtown S.F. and a few other scattered around the Berkley area. So how's the E. coast treating you?

  9. bay area! but college in washington dccccc

  10. my main residence is the enclave of EL Dorado Hills and part time in La Jolla. Oh and im in the central valley also at times. And where abouts from Cali are from?

  11. where in cali are you? :)

  12. So, I just bought Hair Skin & Nails vitamins (Nature's bounty) got them for hair problems buuut I was wondering if anyone had any positive or negative experiences with these in terms of acne/skin problems?
  13. Oh GW in D.C! I went to DC over thanksgiving break for the first time, and it was so neat there. I couldn't imagine going to school there - must be a blast. All the buildings there are like 15 stories high. That was funny :D

  14. you are at virginia tech? I'm at GW. we're kinda close by! just one state over.. :)