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  1. I just got them today and will be starting them within the week. I am going to switch back to the dk regimen: cetaphyl cleanser, dk bp, dk moisturizer/olay spf moist.
  2. I am in highschool and started D. Kern's regimen in March of 2008 when I was a freshman. After a STRICT two months with it, my skin cleared up though I had dryness. Up until December of 2009 my skin was immaculate. It was clear and I wore no face makeup. This December I started getting small bouts of pimples. Then around the beginning of February I had huge under the skin pimples that hurt when you touch them and barely come to the surface. I was popping white heads and wearing concealer and ver
  3. The acne regimen has been working well for me. I use purpose cleansing bar, cvs brand 2.5%bp(compared to nuetrogena) and cetaphil lotion. My face started flaking dead skin and i decided to get a scrub to remove it for every couple of days. I ended up getting the apricot scrub but it made me break out. So I stopped using the apricot scrub and my face is cleared up the the dead flakey skin is back...is there any mild scrub out there that will remove my dead flakey skin without causing me to break
  4. I have been using the 10% bp for a few days now and my skin is REALLY dry from it but the moisturizer(cetaphyl) has been making it better. Do I absolutely need to switch to the 2.5%? I have very mild acne and just by using the regimen for a few days my face is already clearer just with some redness and dryness.
  5. Hi, I recently found this site and thought it was amazing. I have very mild acne but want to control it so my face is completely clear. I decided to try the regimen idea, did some research and went yesterday to buy my products. I got purpose gentle cleanser, zapzyt 10% benzoyl peroxide, clean and clear dual action moisturizer(contains salicylic acid) and cetaphyl daily facial moisturizer. I'm not sure if i should just use the bp once a day for a couple of weeks until my skin gets used t