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  1. scars? look my face!
  2. its really cool how you try to make people feel better by showing celebrities with scars as well. You seem like a good guy, what kind of procedures did you do for your acne scars if any?

  3. Sorry but I will do it as soon as I get over with my vanity issue (maybe..)! :)

  4. I will do once I get over my vanity issue! lol! :)

  5. acne? I would kill to have your face, I get 20 times more acne scars that I have, if I had your eyes and your face, good luck.

  6. no prob man..and straight up man people looks, its only nature, i look and i got a prob with acne..just stay strong with it..and ill get pictures up when i can, i dont got a camera and my girl dont got one either

  7. sorry just saw you posted back

    and sorry to here bout the scars my man, how long you been battling?

  8. i only know how to use chat like this...and my skin is alright, im on 'tane now, i started wed

  9. hola todos lo que mas me mortificaba era salir por la calle, la gente miraba mi piel y se sorprendia, eso fue asi toda mi vida, ahora aun sucede pero ya no me afecta tanto, la verdad es que se que mi piel impresiona a quienes la ven, hay quien me ha pedido que se le dejo tocarla, realemnte la gente no se que espera sentir, en el gym un chico me dijo que si podia hacerme una foto, que queria ponerla en su blog, creo que era de acne, en fin, como es posible que un poco de piel tan pequea peuda at
  10. yes chama i have acne scars, allthe men on my family, father, brother, the ladies not but the men all, sorry my bad english

  11. hey shaine..sorry about not posting any pics..i've been very busy..

  12. thanks bruh..what kinda medicene ya on?

  13. It is just a digital camera capture, you can not judge by lookin at the photo. I don't have acne on my face but unfortunately I have on my back. Not a severe one but still a problem.