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  1. NicoleJ and Crappyskin, I have been seeing Dr Chu since Sept 03 and have had several sessions of Subscision and nlite and have had some improvement. Dr Chu told me that he did not think I would not get anymore improvement from these procedures and that I should wait for the cross method. You both mention that you will have tca cross soon, so does that mean he has already started or are you going onto his waiting list, I ask this because I have been on the list since Dec 04 and I rang his se
  2. Moey

    TCA by Dr Chu

    Hey Sam, Thanks for your reply, I would love to do it myself, but I am worried about the risk of scarring myself any further. I will wait for Dr Chu to do it, I will phone his secretary tomorrow and see if they are any nearer to doing it. I have had 3 subscisions and 5 or 6 Nlites over the last 18 months, it has helped with my rolling scars, they are all completely gone now. I also have some icepicks and a few boxscars, but only 10 to 20% improvement on them, somedays it seems like there i
  3. I saw Dr Chu in December and he told that he was going to start doing TCA Cross method in Jan or Feb. I contacted is secretary in mid Jan and she told me thay had not got it yet, but they would contact me when they have. I have not heard anything yet. I was therefore wondering if anyone who sees Dr Chu knows anything about what is happening regarding the TCA.
  4. I am of asian origin, I have had about 5 nlite treatments before from Dr Chu in london. I had last treatment last Tuesday and this time the setting was higher, I think on number 3. The day after I got a few small scabs on my forehead and other lightly brown patches on all the treated areas. I don't know if I have been burnt and if this is going to permanent and will I need any other treatments to get rid of it. Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has experienced this or knows what it i
  5. I would like to know if there is a reliable place that I can purchase TCA from. If anyone can help me with this little query of mine. I have been on this board for 18 months, but have not had much opportunity to post. My background, I have had scarring for 3 years now, had Nlite and subscision from Dr Chu and have had dermabrasion. I am of asian origin. I am quite bothered my my ice pick scars, so I would appreciate some help.
  6. I have been visiting this forum discretley for nearly 18 months and I have found it a life safer for me, as before I thought there was no hope and I had decided to live with my scars. I only got acne 3 years ago when I was 27, I know its a weird age to get acne, but my derm cleared it up for me. He then referred me to a plastic surgeon at the Royal London hospital, all he could offer me was dermabrasion, but after a test behind my ear, it was found not suitable as I am asian, so I got pigmen
  7. Maya My scars are ice pick types, what can I do to improve them, you mentioned the acid peels, if that will help, where can I get them from. Thanks Moey.
  8. Hi Maya, Thank you for replying to my query. I have been using the CP cream and Exfol cream, as I was advised by skinbio, that this was the best combo for people with non active acne. I have had no acne for 2 years now, but I have deep scarring on my right cheek, I have been using CP for 3 weeks now and it has made my face smoother, but no other changes. Friends and family say that my scarring is not too bad, but I feel paranoid, as I work in the city and regularly attend meetings an
  9. Hi can anyone advise, I have been visiting this forum for a few weeks now and after reading all the useful information, I decided to order a skin bio trial pack, which consists of exfol serum, cp serum, exfol cream and tri reduction p&r basic. I would like to know what the best combination would be and when and how much to use. Thanks Moey