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  1. I relate to this. My dad always used to stare at my skin with a perplexed look like what is wrong with my skin. He always made me feel very self conscious telling me I need to take accutane all over again because it didn't work, many rude comments. Overtime I have become resilient to his comments and comments I get from random people.
  2. I am always blushing/ getting flushed ever since I took accutane. Like anytime I experience any type of emotion, I blush. I never really had this issue before accutane. I still struggle with this. I think people think that they are special, if I am blushing in front of them, but the fact is that I am always blushing.
  3. looks like a yeast / fungal type of issue, like the person above said. maybe try washing your skin with head and shoulders shampoo.
  4. This looks like it could be a fungus infection or yeast overgrowth. Perhaps look into an anti fungal like ketoconazole.
  5. I feel as though I have been waiting for so many years to have "clear skin." Having bad skin has negatively affected me more than I can even imagine. I feel like I am still living with the effects of having severe acne in high school and college. I just feel like I am always self-conscious of my face and my skin, and people still have the nerve to comment on it "why are you so red?, what happened to your face? under a lot of stress lately?" I know what I look like, I have a mirror. I don't need
  6. Well i'm just generalizing that you could possibly have a fungus
  7. I have similar issues and what seems to be effective for me is washing my face with pyrithione zinc (head and shoulders) which is rather drying and using ketoconazole cream for the face. Retin-A wasn't that helpful for me.
  8. I used tretinoin for a long time, then I was even on Accutane for about 6 months. My face getting flushed was soo horrible, I know how you feel. I have been off of everything for almost 2 years & my skin doesn't flush so badly anymore, but it still does a little bit.
  9. do you have bangs? b/c that may contribute to it. also i would try drying it out a lot with benzoyl peroxide cream.
  10. give your derm's prescriptions a try. but if that doesnt work and you want to treat it more aggressively try accutane. im telling you it would probably help you a lot especially since your skin is not severe.
  11. okay i think accutane would benefit you a lot. from my own personal experience, i had skin similar to yours, very oily, acne concentrated on the cheeks..mine wasnt even that severe and i took it. if you've been dealing with this for awhile then your best bet is the tane.
  12. wow this sounds like something i could have written myself. just take one day at a time, and try to fix all the things you can. have u tried accutane? it helped my skin a lot. don't worry in time things will fall into place. stay strong