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  1. It was the best thing i did for my acne and wish I had taken it earlier. No side effects apart from dry lips and skin. I was able to continue with exercises and sports. Over 4 years on I am still spot free.
  2. Accutane has had zero affect on my ability to exercises or play sport. I go to the gym 5 days a week and dont have a single stretch mark. You are always going to get some form of aches and pains if you exercises it is difficult to pinpoint it to the accutane
  3. Im 4/5 years post accutance and apart from the odd spot ive been clear ever since. The best thing i ever did wish i had done sooner
  4. ok consider myself told off and very very sorry

  5. i am your friend, i was just being sarcastic. ^____^

    just don't be one about my beliefs or i'll kick yo bitch ass >:|


  6. im not a bitch lol i thought you was my friend

  7. have you considered accutane? I had acne right up to being 26 and now ive been clear for over 2 years due to accutane
  8. I didn't realise you could get treatment on the nhs. Thats give me abit of hope as i cant afford scar treatment Do you think if i went the doctors they would be able to help? ive been clear 2 years since taking accutane but im now left with bad scars
  9. my hometown sheffield and huddersfield. Ive got 2 kids so dont want to go to far. Physiotherapy. Which like most health care prof's it hard to get on to

  10. Ahh I see. Where are you applying and what do you want to do?

  11. not heard anything yet when i was at my interview they said it would be after xmas

  12. Sorry about the slow reply! Hows the Uni app going? I'm guessing it'll be a while until you hear anything.

  13. i had my interview today for uni so the personal statement must have been ok. Now nervous wait to see if i get accepted

  14. Just because I'm in the partying dorm on campus, and my friends all moved away so....that was kind of hard at first.