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  1. Ok so it's been a couple months since i've started this regimine. Mornings: Wrinse face with water, or sometimes with a gentle cleanser Night: Same thing Whenever I take a shower I use Baking soda as my face wash/ exfoliater. It's AMAZING! My face has dramatically cleared up. Getting pimples for my skin was defiantly caused by irritating the skin, so now that I rarely touch my face with nothing more than water or baking soda. Forget any face wash with chemicals! Make up: I bought cover
  2. Suicide is a selfish act. I'm surprised a therapist would react that way, but you must have pushed it pretty damn far with her to do so. Violets put it perfectly. I can't understand though, how acne is the root of all of your problems. That's silly. It's how you react and perceive things that make it a "problem". You really need to relax about this thing. Dont look in the mirror so much. Try to smile every once in a while. You really don't deserve to beat yourself up like that. Imagin
  3. Ok note to self: using baking soda masks whenever you have a break out. My break out is seriously almost gone because of this stuff. So i'm still going to stick with the water only method but because it's summer and I live in freaking hot ass AZ i'm going to add some 50/50 ACV as a toner then maybe exfoliate with a baking soda mask every once in a while. I'm sure in the winter all i will need is water and maybe a moisturizer.
  4. Ok having a terrible break out all over my face. I never get pimples on my forehead but now i have a ton of small pimples and I know why their there. I got a really bad fever over the weekend and had to cool down really badly so i put a (supposedly clean) wet wash cloth on my face. I'm pretty sure that's what caused all of this crap. I've tried baking soda as an exfoliator and it seems to be really helpful ;-D I'm sure my skin will be good in another couple of weeks.
  5. I had the same question, so i did some research. Apparently it's good to take a shower within an hour after working out. But i suppose splashing some water on the face to take off some sweat and dirt should work... hm i'm still experimenting myself so i'm not quite sure
  6. That's strange of the dermatologist to give you accutane like that. S/he said it wasn't bad enough to take it. If you are in your teen years, its just something that you've got to deal with. I'm 19 and have had mild acne since 14 and now i'm just washing with water. Too many medications can actually make your situation far worst because of 1. Irritation 2.too many chemicals 3. strips away natural oils and healthy skin. Please consider seeing another dermatologist, and don't cry next time. T
  7. Wow my skin has cleared up a lot more in these past 2 days! I think i just need to give it time :-D
  8. Ugh... ok my skin is breaking out. I bet you it's related to hormones though. I'm having my... yeah, soon. So that may explain why my skin looks like crap. I may also be over washing because i work out. Today i'm going to the pool, which, i hope, wont irritate my face. UGH! No more break outs please! Anyone else work out every day?
  9. "Happiness is nothing more than health and a poor memory." -Physician Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)
  10. YAZ is a terrible birth control in general. It completely destroyed my sex drive. It was terrible. But if you still have a libido taking this stuff, good for you.
  11. Your sigs rock! I love Tim and Eric and Space Ghost!

    Great Job! ;-)

  12. I'm having a bit of a break out and i think it's because i exercise regularly. I tend to jog every morning when I wake up so I don't wash my face until i'm done with my jog, but because i live in Arizona and sweat buckets I wonder if it is affecting my skin. When your out side you will sweat a ton no matter where you go or how long your out there. So i was wondering if too much sweat can be the cause of this sudden break out. I'm still just going to use water and a gentle cleanser, i'm just no
  13. The spotting could be caused by irritation. If you have few pimples and some red spots i suggest you go to this forum I'm 19 and my only problem is red spotting and 2-3 small pimples at a time. When i stopped using any face washes, creams and what not, it really started to clear up. I'm only about a week into this and i can already see a difference.
  14. Thats a good question. I think i'm going to try a clay mask. Clay masks are great at picking up dirt and dead skin cells. It should work well not irritated the skin too much because all you do is wash it away rather than using exoliating face washes that scrub your face and may worsen your skin. The best type of vinegar to use is Apple Cider Vinegar. You can find organic ACV at any grocery store. Make sure it includes "Mother" in it because it's suppose to contain a lot of healthy
  15. Update: 6 days later and my skin is already REALLY clearing up. I am so amazed! There was a huge pimple that is almost entirely gone. It seriously died when i just used water, literaly. With BP it just continued to get worst and puss a lot. Within a couple of days of using just water it had dried up and shrunk. It's nearly completely gone. I'm just letting it heal naturally, not touching it at all. I'm so happy that this is working so well. I hardly need to wear make up anymore. Basicall